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May 7, 2003 02:41 AM

Fan Letter to Toronto Chowhounds

  • j

Pardon the interruption, but you guys rock!

To see the good you're doing for your city (in addition to tipping each other to all sorts of good chow), see the posting I've linked to below. If one person posted this thought, that means thousands more are thinking it (we have a LOT of silent lurkers)!

Also, I don't want to launch a digressive discussion of health issues, but this would be an awfully nice time for folks to make trips to Toronto (and for Torontonians to eat out a bit more than usual). I pray for all your nice restaurateurs in these tough times.

Anyway, I'm enjoying reading along, as are countless others.

Your fan,



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  1. absolutely...i've been meaning to pay a visit to toronto for a while, now -- maybe, catch a blue jays/yankees game or, after reading of all this great chow and knowing that such a wonderful city is in need of a little support, i have more reason than ever to finally plan a trip...before, my main reason for wanting to go to toronto was to get served by that hot waitress they have working the box seats, behind home plate at the skydome...but, that's all changed, now...kinda ;)

    congratulation on the new board, toronto chowhounds!'re filling it up lovely...