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May 6, 2003 05:53 PM

dinner on queen west / entertainment district

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I know the area quite well but am at a loss! Looking for casual dinner before a movie at the paramount. Want something NEW so not the Queen Mother or the standard sushi places etc etc... anyone have a suggestion for somewhere new or little-known in the area?

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  1. Two quick suggestions.....The Rivoli has really excellent food, limited menu, but each item a winner..another great place is Peter Pan..FABULOUS FOOD!!...Enjoy!!

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    1. re: Eli

      Dude, the food at the Rivoli is appalling! I go there to shoot pool or to see the live shows, but never to eat. Their twee faux-Thai items are an abomination. I really can't recommend anything in that whole area, except maybe Tiger Lily and Ematei.

      1. re: Heather

        I dont know where YOU have been eating, But it wasnt at the Rivoli!!......Ok.DUDE!!...LOL!!

        1. re: Eli

          I agree with Heather. I found my several dinners at the Rivoli to be mediocre at best. For the prices they're charging, you would think that they would be able to make a better phad thai. It's not rocket science, after all. Stick to the burger. I'm not sure if the Rivoli and Queen Mother are still owned by the same people, but I would avoid them both.

          1. re: Alex

            I'll weigh and say that the Rivoli makes the OK cut off, with not too much wiggle room. I have enjoyed several meals at the Tri Miru(sp?). Indian restaurant on the South side, east of the City TV building by a block or so. I think that it may have a connection to the Nataraj(past cooks) as the menu is similar. Good food and not nearly as crammed as the Nat, espeically when people waiting for a seat keep that bloody door open!

          2. re: Eli

            The Riv is not quite inedible, just ho hum and kind of lame. And the booths are uncomfortable. No thanks, I would rather keep walking west and eat at Bangkok Paradise.

            My recommendation in the area is HoSu Bistro at Queen and John. Korean/Japanese menu, reasonable prices, generous portions. They're under new management, which has resulted in a vast improvement in their delivery service (it no longer takes an hour and forty minutes!). They have also opened a second location uptown at Yonge and Eglinton.

            1. re: Eli

              hehehe....this is staring to sound like the Chippys thread...I've been going to Rivoli sporadically over the past 20 years because its in a convenient location and the vibe is good....but no matter how much the staff may change the food is still the last reason to eat there.I used to go to the Bamboo in the area(RIP...the new location by the lake doesn't sound too appealing, sounds too large), but other than that it's slim pickins.Might as well grab hot dogs from the legendary vendor on the corner of Queen and Spadina.

              1. re: Eli

                I don't care for the food at the Rivoli. However, Le Select located next door is pretty good. Tiger Lily would be my top pick. Babur used to serve nice northern Indian food at their old Dundas Street location - I'm not sure if the menu or management has changed with their move to Queen Street, but if things are still the same, I'd recommend it.

              2. re: Heather

                I second the Tiger Lily suggestion. About the best in the area (which is still a soft recommendation).

            2. I have been a few times to Le Select Bistro on Queen W and quite enjoyed it. Their Duck Confit was really very good! (at lest it was the last time I was there)


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              1. re: Otonabee

                yeah, I love their duck confit and other dishes, as well as the ambiance.

                menu doesn't change much and my snobbish friends claim there are better french bistros.

                but this is one of my favourites.

                1. re: vikki

                  and the wine list is good
                  and fairly long, approx 70 pages);
                  many interesting selections;
                  and covers all price points.

              2. Try Jules at 147 spadina, just south or Queen. Quaint little spot that I consider a find in the area. Have recommended it to a number of people, all with positive responses. Simple food, casual dining, and their fries are fabulous.