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May 6, 2003 11:52 AM

Best places for deserts in TO?

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Coming to TO for a weekend and was wondering if anyone could tell me what the best place for deserts would be. I will be staying at the Sheraton, so anything in that area or close enough would be great.

Thank you.

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  1. You can try Sen5es bakery at 15 Bloor West (at Yonge).

    Expensive, but well worth it.

    I've only been to their Bayview location, so I'm not sure if you can eat in at their Bloor location.

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    1. re: Goober

      I second that suggestion for Sen5es... They have so much to choose from that you'll go bug-eyed... you'll want to try one of everything. But yes, it is very expensive.

      1. re: Goober

        The Bloor Street location closed at the beginning of January. They've moved to the northwest corner of Wellington and Blue Jay Way (just north of SkyDome), and it is now open.

        1. re: Goober

          Senses has closed (in January).

          1. re: estufarian

            they moved to the new Soho Metropolitan condo/hotel, it just opened up, here's the info:

            wellington & blue jays
            toronto ontario
            416 961 0055
            (Now Open!)


        2. Thank you everybody...I saw Senses when doing research but wasn't sure if it was an in-est type of place.

          1. Quagmire has been and gone, but for the benefit of anyone else reading this thread: Dessert Sensations on Baldwin Street is great (and pretty cheap, as dessert cafes go). I'm also a fan of Futures Bakery on Bloor. Some of the (overpriced) cakes at Dessert Dessert are good too, if you don't mind chains.