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May 5, 2003 02:42 PM


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Does anyone know where to get quality mussels besides Cafe Brussel and the Beir Markt?

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  1. The Riverside Cafe serves mussels many ways. I can't remember the name of the kind I had last time - the sauce had spices and coconut milk in it, and was called Masala or Madras or something - but it was recommended by the server, and it was very good.

    I like this place - it's a laid-back local hang-out for me (walking distance), and I've had way too many of their martinis. The prices are lower than at Cafe Brussel. I notice the place has become busier since the Toronto Star and NOW reviewed it last year.


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      I saw a piece on CBC News tonight about tons of mussels being shipped in for a promotion later this week to help the city bounce back from SARS...any ideas on what this is about?

    2. There should be a ton of places pretty soon. PEI is trucking up 9,000 kilos of mussels which they're donating to Toronto restaurants.

      1. I had really great mussels at a fusion-type resto on Simoe called Monsoon. I have attached the URL.

        They were yummy - but kinda fancy and not a cheap place to eat. Although they did get a good size portion and even brought me a spoon without me asking so that I could drink the broth. Yum :)

        They also have these neat madras curry taro chips for you to nibble on as a starter.


        1. If you want a cheap, cultured mussel fix - $5-6, I would recommend any Chinese restaurant that offers a mussel special served with black bean sauce, garlic, and a little hot pepper; the spiciness depends upon the restaurant. I like hot food but can only eat a little due to the pain, so the spiciness usually isn't too bad - get a bowl of rice to help with the heat if you're a wimp like me and for the sauce as well. If you don't like black bean sauce, then never mind. Some Vietnamese restaurants offer interesting mussel dishes using the frozen green Australian mussels.
          I've eaten mussels at Cafe Brussel and the Bier Markt and have mixed feelings, never had fresh mussels at either place (servings usually had at least one bad mussel and many sticking to the shells). Unfortunately one does better to cook them at home, although I can't wait to try the mussels @ Riverside Cafe.
          Brings back the memory of the lobster supper in PEI with the all you can eat mussels; those were fresh! My advice is to get the smallest lobster and load up on those great mussels if you're ever down in that area.

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            Glenda McElwain

            You should try 2066 Lounge Bar (2066 Queen St E) Wednesdays only...Mussels in basil white wine cream sauce.. $5
            There's a spice tomato sauce.. and 2 others... but I prefer the basil white wine cream sauce... It is lipsmackin good...with lots of french bread to sop up the sauce and lots of succulent steamed tantalize the taste buds