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May 4, 2003 10:45 PM

Any dim sum recommendations in the North or East end?

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I have been going to House of Fishermans Delight on Hwy 7.

I find it quite good. Specially the Har Gau. And the best part is that all dim sum is only $1.80. But, I was just wondering if there was something else out there.

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  1. Dragon Dynasty in the Chartwell mall. Southeast corner of Brimley Rd. and Huntingwood (b/w Sheppard and Finch)

    They do the small/medium/large thing where most of the good stuff is medium or >. Prices are $2+

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      Try New World on Victoria Park north of Finch. Their steamed dumplings are amazing, and they've got great variety - we always get one or two items that we haven't tried before. I've been to many dim sum places, and this is my favourite.

    2. Lots of places in the east end...Man Woo (Hwy 7 & Woodbine), Ruby (Woodside Sq. @ McCowan & Finch), City Inn (Market Village @ Kennedy & Steeles), Golden Times (?) (Pacific Mall @ Kennedy & Steeles).