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May 3, 2003 05:55 PM

In search of (good) Miso Ramen in Toronto

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No problem in Vancouver. Ezogiku on Robson opened, then they popped up all over the place.

In Toronto, however, the search is still on. You can take your Pho, your Udon, your Soba, your Chinese noodle soups, your Kim Chi ramen.

I am willing to travel anywhere from Hamilton to Kingston for spectacular Miso Ramen and Gyoza. I mean the kind of place that has had the same soup pot on since they opened. Is that legal here?

Can anyone shed some light?

Please save me from the sad noodle shops around Yonge and Bloor - I have successfully made better from a packet!

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  1. I feel your pain,

    For months, I have been trying to find good ol'fashioned mom/pop japanese restaurants but without any luck.

    However, some of the Japanese/Korean restaurants along Yonge b/w Steeles and Sheppard have noodle soup on their menu. So it maybe miso or kimchi ramen.

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    1. re: Andy

      tokyo grill on yonge, just north of wellesley, is japanese-run and makes some good soups. the giant bowl of miso ramen is only $5.95.

      king's cafe on augusta (in kensington market) had a good miso ramen soup, but i haven't seen it on the menu for a while.

      if these don't pan out, ask at sanko, at 730 queen st. west.

      1. re: postbear

        Don't get Miso Ramen at Tokyo Grill.
        If any Japanese person tries to order it, the waitress will advise against it. WHY? Because it is basically noodles in Miso soup, the same miso soup that they include with all the other dishes. This is not the way Miso ramen is supposed to be served.

        One good place for Ramen in Toronto is called Otabe. I don't know the exact address, but it is on the north side of Queen Street all the way in the East End where the Queen Street car has a terminus. (Neville Park)

        1. re: Sekibun

          wow, thanks for the tip! funny that I actually liked the ramen noodle at tokyo grill. will give the queens st siggestion a try.
          as a note on the side, tokyo grill is still my fav japanese niche.

          1. re: Sekibun

            Thank you for saving me from another Yonge and Bloor noodle shop. Ever since Fork Chops set the bar so low, every bowl of ramen in this town has has been an abomination. "Henna Gai-jin will eat anything."

            I am going to Otabe ASAP!

            Could it be? A real bowl of Miso Ramen in Toronto?

      2. I know this is a stupid question but what is miso ramen? I would have though it was ramen in miso soup but it's obviously not.

        Thanks kindly :)

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        1. re: shan

          Your great question sent me off to Google and I found this wonderful site:

          For an exhaustive description of Ramen, select ABC of Ramen from the main navigation. Also to see the sort of devotion Ramen lovers give their favourite restaurants, check out Ramen of Tokyo from the main nav. Basically the entire site is an ode to ramen, but is very informative too.

          The film Tampopo is worth seeing if you haven't already. But as warns, "Tampopo has made a tremendous contribution to spread truth and charm of ramen, but it has fiction!"



          1. re: Yermum

            I feel enlightened. Thanks so much for the link. I don't believe I've ever had miso ramen. I loved the ramen at a small Japanese/Korean food stand in Village by the Grange. I don't know if it's still there. I do know they opened one in North York Civic Centre.

          2. re: shan

            Also worth checking out is this post from the LA board:


          3. My favourite Japanese noodle shop (run by Chinese as are most "Japanese" restuarants in Toronto) is at HWY 7 and West Beaver Creek, on the south side in the strip mall. It's 2 or 3 stalls over from the bubble tea shops. More than 20 variety's of noodles including Miso Ramen. Not sure what you consider "good" but it's cheap and yummy in my books. Good sashimi/sushi too. In summer they often have Soba Sushi (instead of being on rice, it's on Soba noodles)

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            1. re: sorjue

              The place is called the Yokozuna Japanese Noodle House. They're in the plaza on the southwest corner of Highway 7 and West Beaver Creek.