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May 3, 2003 05:46 PM

Best Wings in T.O?

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Felt the need to post in favour of Sneaky Dees' having the best wings I've had in a long time. The always get overlooked - with Duff's being rated best all the time (Although I am not sure why - I found them small, mediocre tasting, soggy not crispy and I've had friends get food poisoning to boot).

Sneaky's is great - a bit of a whole in the wall, but cheap and big and crispy. Has good salads, and good guacamole.

Does any one have any more Wings suggestions (other than Duffs and St. Louis?)

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  1. I'm a Duff's fan - and I've never got food poisoning there. And their wings are the largest in town that I've found. And not soggy.
    Can't understand why your experience could have been so different.
    But I haven't tried Sneaky Dee's so can't say which is better.

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    1. re: estufarian

      Dude, they don't call it "Sneaky Disease" for nothing. I used to play in a garage band back in the late Eighties, and we once played at the old Bloor & Bathurst location of Sneaky's. We ate there a couple of times. Uh, it was one of those places where you'd have to be really staggering drunk in order to appreciate (!?) the grub. I agree with Estufarian about Duff's. It rocks.

      1. re: Heather

        You must try the Bishop and the Belcher
        It is on Queen St W, just west of Muchmusic.
        excellent big juicy, and very saucy wings.
        On Sundays they sell them for .25 each.

        1. re: bbbradk

          I like my wings at Tortilla Flats (On Queen at Spadina)... they serve both with bones or without. Very yummy!!

      2. re: estufarian

        I too am a Duff's fan but not my favorite wing joint in toronto. The Harbour Front Bar and Grill at 10 Yonge street has the best wings in the city in my humble opinion. Give them a try and but dont order their insanity sauce because it really is way too hot and I can eat spicy food.

        1. re: estufarian

          I highly recommend trying...yes, the nickname is Sneaky Disease - but the ambiance and decor is part of its charm! Besides, its cheap. Can't go wrong.

          I really like the Mild and Medium wings because they are sweet and spicy. I normally, anywhere else, would have hot wings - but I really don't like the hot sauce at Sneaky's. They also serve with a neat avocado sourcream dip instead of blue cheese.

          1. re: estufarian

            I agree. I've had them many times @ Bayview and @ Amherst, N.Y. Every time they are crispy (to start), big, loaded with sauce, etc.

            1. re: estufarian

              add my vote AGAINST duff's

              in my case why would anyone want to eat vinegar. (which is what duff's wings are soaked in (with some 'red' colouring added).

              absolutely no taste except vinegar. one of the worst wings in TO.

            2. There's a pub in Thornhill, called The Tickled Toad. Haven't been there in a while, but their wings used to be huge, crispy and found all the sauces to be great, particularly the honey garlic.

              1. My husband and I crave the wings at Mr. Buffalo (Finch east of Bayview). They're plump, tasty, and the blue cheese sauce is wicked. Their fries also rock.

                1. Duff's is good for buffalo style wings...but why should we be eatin buffalo wings when we're in Toronto?! :)

                  Therefore I suggest a little joint out in scarborough:

                  T O Chicken & Wings
                  1961 E Lawrence Ave

                  wings are lightly battered and crispy but not greasy...they are not sauced you get those on the side and they have 20 to choose from!...I actually ended up with a chilli high with one of their hotter ones a couple years back...they're awesome :)

                  speaking of wings...does anyone know any Toronto joints that serve the GIANT MUTANT STYLE WINGS like Morty's in waterloo? Used to love that place during'd could actaully be stuffed after 10 of those wings :)

                  1. Bar None.....BISTRO on Avenue Road Best dipping sauce ever made