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May 2, 2003 08:19 PM

tableside caesar?

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i've always wanted to have a caesar made tableside, just for the experience. where can i go for a good one?

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  1. The Omega in Oakville puts on a great show. The restaurant is a bit thick with old style manners if you catch my meaning. It has an old fashioned steak-house feel to it.

    They put on a great display with the Cherries Jubilee and the fancy after dinner coffees. The coffee booze is lit on fire and poured from two feet up in the air.

    Order all three and you'll have tuxedo clad friends all night by your table.

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      And.. my word... i think i have a perfect night to do that... Oooh.

      Thank you!

    2. The Octagon makes a great ceasar salad tableside. Great steaks too.

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        Is the "Octagon" in Saskatoon or Halifax?

        1. re: Lee G.

          Octagon on Yonge about 3 lights north of Steeles East side

      2. Mike at Tom Jones Steakhouse makes the best, by far.