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May 2, 2003 04:44 PM

Ankimo - monkfish liver

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Has anyone had this in the local restos, or made it themselves? If the later, where can one find fresh monkfish liver?

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  1. Haven't sampled it. To purchase, you may try Bill's Lobsters and Seafood on Gerrard Street just east of Broadview.

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    1. re: fresco
      Francesco Corsaro

      Thanks Fresco, I didn't think to try them. Makes sense since I know them to be good a good, cheap source for Lobster.

      1. re: Francesco Corsaro

        My pleasure. I've found that the proprietors at Bill's Lobsters (Bill and his wife Judy) are both very knowledgable and very accomodating. Monkfish liver is something you'd have to ask them to save for you.

    2. I recently had a very good pate of monkfih liver at the sushi bar at Take Sushi on front street .Susumu will feed you right