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May 2, 2003 01:54 PM

Younge St chow

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Looking for suggestions on introducing my teenage (15-17) daughters to "chow" style eating in Toronto. We are going up for a mini vacation and I would like to break their infatuation with "chain" style restaurants. We're staying @ the Bond Place right around the corner from the Hard Rock. I want to show them there's more to dinner than Red Lobster, Olive Garden and Bahama Breeze. Anything walking distance or along the subway routes, I never drive in TO. Thanks in advance for any and all ideas.

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  1. Go to the Salad King for great Thai food. The address is 335 Yonge, but it is actually around the corner on Gould Street, across from Sam the Record Man. Great food!

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      Endorse Salad King - but don't overdo the spicing. 3* is for 'experienced' diners so stick to max 1 or no stars for chowpups.
      You should definitely try Dim Sum. Walk west along Dundas. I'm drawing a blank on names, but there's a good one just west of Bay st. It's upstairs (and there's another (not as good) just below street level in the same building, accessed via external stairs). The elevator is on the right as you go in (ground level) and the stairs go up to the right inside the building.
      Go to St Lawrence market, on Front St. (Saturday is most crowded and enjoyable as there is a farmers market as well, Sunday/Monday closed) and get 'Peameal Bacon on a Bun' for lunch, or breakfast) - 20 minute walk south and a little east from your hotel.
      If you're comfortable using the subway, you have literally hundreds of suggestions on this board. If you can narrow down the cuisine, we'll find you something easily accessible e.g Indian, Greek, Middle east. Go for the ethnic! It's as good in Toronto as anywhere else in the world.
      And one place that I've found all teenagers like is "The Red Tomato" on King West - it's about a 10 minute walk west of St Andrew subway stop. They serve appetizer size portions and on Sunday after 4:00 (may be 5:00) they have a special cheap menu (they also have this early afternoon and late night - it's in addition to their regular menu). Maybe 50 different dishes (pizzas, hot rock dishes, pasta etc) so order 3-5 per person (and a must is their lobster soup).

    2. I second the Salad King suggestion. a destination if anyone would deserve the title.

      1. oooh boy... i have many many suggestions... some of which, i just realized, are impractical due to your daughters being under 19. and i'll be giving a few that are, strictly speaking, out of the way, but i'll give simple directions. here goes anyway:

        1) Sushi Sky, west side of Yonge just north of college. have the dragon maki. trust me.

        2) not just noodles, yonge and wellesley. the spring rolls are good, but often a bit greasy. i always go there for the Shanghai noodles. yummy in the tummy.

        3) zorba the greek, danforth just east of pape. (take the subway to pape station, walk down to danforth, turn left, it's on the south side). have the saganaki. best i've ever had.

        4) marche, BCE place (yonge south of king). a neat concept restaurant... you go in, they show you to your table.. and then you wander around various food stations picking and choosing your meal. slightly on the pricy side, and they include a 15% gratuity on your bill, as regular tipping is impractical. i find that slightly annoying, but what the hey. the rosti (sort of a swedish hash brown) is delicious, as is the caesar salad (my favourite in toronto, although i admit i've never had one made tableside, so perhaps my range is limited). the desserts are out of this world. and they know how to grill a steak properly; they don't flinch when you specify 'blue rare'. specials change daily, largely based on what's fresh in the markets.

        5) st lawrence market (take subway to king, then streetcar east to jarvis, and walk south). lots of lovely farm-fresh produce. make sure you go to the south (larger) building, and have a peameal bacon sandwich as you walk around.

        6) california sandwiches (multiple locations; check the phone book). they make italian-style sandwiches--chicken, steak, veal, sausage--loaded with marinara sauce and (optionally): onions, peppers, mushrooms, cheese.. you can get the sandwiches sweet, mild, medium, or hot. messy and dee-bloody-licious.

        7) (i can't remember the name) ice cream place on vaughan road. simple as hell to get to: go to st clair west station, and then take the streetcar westbound. ask the driver to let you off at vaughan; the store is about 30 metres (if that) north of st clair. generous scoops, and lovely flavours.

        8) (also can't remember the name) gelateria. delicious gelati of a wide range of flavours. fantastically expensive (~$5-6 for the equivalent of one scoop), but it's so rich and good that the smallest size is more than satisfying. follow directions as for the ice cream place, but get off at lansdowne instead; the store is just west of lansdowne on the south side of st clair west.

        hopefully that's helpful :)

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          Out of the way is OK. I hope to make the "journey" part of the experience. Marche sounds promising.
          Keep those suggestions coming!

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            Some further details on danbirds post.
            Re # 4. Like the Marche recommendation - perfect for teenagers (food is OK, rather than good, but a perfect stepping stone). Also recommend the rosti as being the best choice.
            Re# 7 . It's Dutch Dreams.
            Re # 8. It's La Paloma.
            Both 7 and 8 are fun - but a bit of a hike (given your location). You'll have to go 'round the loop' from Dundas; or alternatively go North to St Clair station and take the street car from there (the latter is the terminus, so you can't get on one going the wrong way). You don't need any special transfers at either stop - just go up the stairs to the streetcar level - but don't exit the station. La Paloma was closed temporarily for renovations, but I'm sure they'll be open for the summer.

            1. re: estufarian

              la paloma is open... i was there a week or so ago. i think it was two weeks actually.

              1. re: danbird

                Yay1 It's open! I've got a friend coming in to town tomorrow and she'll kill me if we don't go.

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              Dutch Dreams is the name of the ice cream place. It's very good, but I prefer Greg's (on Bloor Street near Bay). They have the best ice cream I've ever tasted (short of New York's Chinatown Ice Cream Factory). Try the Sweet Cream and Roasted Marshmallow flavours.

              1. re: chloe74

                thank you! i'd forgotten the name.

                ohhh...memories.... anyone remember Metropolitan ice cream?

                1. re: chloe74

                  gregs'no question.just past avenue road on bloor directly across from the royal ontario museum(rom).usually a dozen or so handmade flavour including the kinds of things teenagers tend to choose,oreo,smarties,ets.tends to get crowded warm weekend evenings but you are going to take out a cup or cone and cross the street to philosophers walk through the big cast iron 'deco' arch maybe sit on the park bench or continue your walk through the 'sylvan splendor' of the 'harvard of the north' the university of toronto.

              2. try Amato's at Yonge and College (two blocks north of Yonge/Dundas). Walk north along Yonge. It's on the east side, just south of College.

                Amato's is a pizza place. The pizza is thin sliced and cooked so that there's a bit of crunch to the cheese on top.

                1. For a really good trendy kind of place, you should definately go to Terroni. There are 3 locations in T.O but the closest one to you is on Victoria just south of Queen (one street east of Yonge). Very good Italian food including excellent thin crust pizza and some really amazing pasta.

                  It would be a really great spot to take a teenager!