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May 2, 2003 12:47 PM

good restaurants in Brooklin, Whitby, Ajax?

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We're moving to Brooklin from the Yonge/Davisville area. Of course we're used to tons of restaurants here, but have no clue about what's good in our new area. Any great suggestions? We eat almost anything, from italian to thai to indian to everything inbetween.

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  1. You're going to be hard-pressed to find quality dining experiences in Oshawa/Whitby/Ajax, but there are a few.

    Gordon Biersch - this is a middle-class restaurant that serves REALLY good food, that isn't quite 'gourmet', but certainly isn't 'family style'. Here is a link to their menu. Portion sizes are nice and big. :)

    It's in the enormous AMC movie complex just off the 401 in Whitby (10 seconds before Oshawa). You can't miss it from the 401. Get off at the Thickson Rd. exit.

    Mondo - this is a 'fine dining' experience (Italian fusion). It's quite good, actually. I'd say it holds it's own against some of the high-end Italian spots in Toronto. A bit pricey, but WELL worth it.

    Their Website: (my favourite
    Hot Rocks - This is a really cool little spot. Their trademark is to serve food on hot rocks at your table. Really cool. They also have a wide range of sophisticated pastas and fish dishes. Nice wine list. GREAT desserts.

    Their Website:

    Shrimp Cocktail - Owned by the same people that own Hot Rocks, this restaurant features fish almost exclusively. Lots of creative flavours, and uncommon fish. Really nice room, very fun.

    Their Website:

    Welcome to the neighbourhood!



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    1. re: Chris Perry

      Anyone know if Gordon Biersch is still open in Whitby?

      1. re: Darren

        Has been closed for several years. Jack Astors is now there.

        1. re: Darren

          Last I heard it moved near the Airport.

      2. I have but one thing to say---good luck. I live in Ajax and the pickins are slim, although we have tried a zillion. Unfortunately most everything in this town is a chain---restaurants, stores, etc. I have heard good things about Hot Rox, and there are a few little gems in Pickering that the locals rave about...Jasper's Fish and Chips on Liverpool, The Fox Goes Free on Kingston Road by Altona. Good pizza can be had at Pizza Pinos on Westney in Ajax. But, for the most part, Durham is a wasteland!

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          Glenda McElwain

          There are some real gems I can recommend!!
          1) Near the SE corner of Hwy2 and Hwy 12 (Dundas & Brock) there is a fabulous bistro.. Nice Bistro. The food is fresh and authentic... the Bouillabaisse is fantastic... and there are many fabulous seasonal entrees to tickle the taste buds!!! Excellent wine list and fabulous ambience.
          2) Near Hwy 2 and Church in Ajax is Himalaya...a fantastic little place to sample authentic Nepalese cooking. The fragrance of spice hits you at the door and the food is FANTASTIC FRESH and wonderful. I recommend the weekend buffet... it is under 10 dollars and superb!!
          3) Pimentos.. across the street from Nice Bistro.. Excellent food and service. Pricey but worth it.
          4) The Prince Restaurant on Hwy 2 in Whitby just east of the railway underpass and adjacent to the Dairy Queen. VALUE extraordinaire!! This is where to go when you just don't feel like cooking.. It isn't fancy but the Souvlaki is wonderful.. cheap and they do take out.

          1. Good is a relative term in this area. Having lived in Whitby and Brooklin for 40 years, this area used to be a wasteland for food. However, as mentioned previously, things are looking up. As mentioned previously, Nice Bistro, and Pimento's are fine. Friendly staff and food quality is good. In Brooklin, the 1 year old Pepperberries Bistro is very popular and the one lunch meal I had there was good. I hope your move goes well and welcome to Brooklin.

            1. After moving from downtown to Brooklin in 2004, my wife and I have made quite a few favourites in the Whitby area.

              As already mentioned, both Hot Rocks and Shrimp Cocktail are excellent. The chef from Shrimp Cocktail recently opened his own place on Brock road, on the West side between Rossland and Brock. Its called Chatterpaul's, and you'll find some old favourites from S.C. have been carried over (like the lobster chowder!).


              If you like Mexican, check out The Eldorado. Its on Winchester, just east of Thickson. The food is great, and authentic.


              If you'd prefer Italian, there is an excellent spot (I forget the name, its Italian) in the same shopping complex as Chatterpauls. This place is on the north end however, next door to the Gym/Fitness Center.

              In the downtown core, Pimento's is a great Fusion/Canadian place - a great date joint.


              We are also really missing Wah-2, the Indonesian/Indian/Chinese restaurant which sadly closed. Anyone know what happened there? It was quite busy, often!

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                I think the Italian place you're thinking of is Bella Notte. Food is always great - service ranges from great to almost rude. And I too miss Wah-2 - it was better than all of the Asian/Indonesian joints in my Toronto hood. It seemed to me that they did more take-out business than eat in. A new place opened up at the same location called Jino, Korean and Japanese Grill. Is it the same owners with different cuisine perhaps? Have you tried it?