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May 2, 2003 07:09 AM

Retro Rotisserie (Yonge south of Wellesley)

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My wife and I discovered this new place, Retro Rotisserie, last night while walking down Yonge St, just south of Wellesley. It is a small, sit-down, retro-style diner that specializes in rotisserie cooked beef and pork sandwiches on kaiser. Out of curiousity we gave it a try. It was really excellent. The place is very small and very new - 3 weeks old, according to the owner. They still have not got their liquor license yet, so we had Coke instead of beer. We tried both a pork and beef sandwich. They were generous servings of superbly cooked meat sandwiches, with a heap of fries (the spiral cut are better than the straight), coleslaw, carrots, and a very tasty gravy. For my taste, I much preferred the beef sandwich, but my wife liked the pork. For me, it was a refreshing change in food styles and the owner seems like a very nice person who takes pride in her product. The prices are reasonable - about $8-10 for the sandwich plate, so I would certainly recommend giving this a try if you are in the area and hungry...

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  1. I couldn't agree more. Just got back from Retro Rotisserie (508 Yonge - west side, inbetween College and Wellesley). My first visit after reading the Chowhound board; won't be my last.

    Excellent!!! Food is truly very good!!! I can't really improve on the original poster's email, except to say, get their quick, because it's going to become very popular.

    A lot of thought has gone in to the restraurant. There is such attention to detail, that I actually thought it was a high-end franchise. It's not, but it may become one. Clearly, there are some very bright people behind this restaurant (a young couple, actually).

    Beef sandwich was truly excellent. Coleslaw and carrots (yes, carrots) were really good. And let me tell you, I've never complimented anyone's carrots in my life! I hate the things.

    Next time I'll try the pork sandwich. In a sea of ethnic restaurants, this is certainly a restraurant that stands out, with very good food in a really nice, cozy restaurant that's going to do very well!


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      Glad you enjoyed it. Interesting that you should mention the carrots. I noticed them myself because the last time I had had carrots prior to Retro Rotisserie was at a Michelin 3-star restaurant in Paris the week before (Lucas-Carton's carrots 3-ways). I must admit, that for basic, home-style carrots, the Retro Rotisserie stood up pretty darn well!

      1. re: Chili

        Tried it out on Sunday with the girlfriend.
        Very nice.
        The best part was definately the carrots. In fact, the next time, I'll ask if they can swap out the coleslaw and fries for more carrots.
        The girlfriend had the beef topped with provalone cheese w/peppers. I had the beef with swiss and mushrooms. I could have sworn the mushrooms were hand-cut.
        Next time, the girlfriend wants to try the avacado & brie pork sandwich. I think I might join her.

        Provided I get my carrots.

        1. re: SuddenlyHungry

          I tried the Pork with avocado and brie, and it is amazing! I am going back there as soon as I can. The portions are huge, the service is spectacular, and the food is extremely good. I've been telling everyone I know to go there. Yum!

          1. re: the_girl

            Just tried it for the second time. Food is good, but service is extremely poor now. Must be newly hired help, dropping dishes, forgot about drink orders, served coke in dirty and completely wet glasses. Dishes were not cleaned up an hour after table was empty... etc. Going downhill fast :-(