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May 1, 2003 07:44 PM


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I may have missed it but I havent seen lobster mentioned, Our fave" "Lobster Royale" at Yonge and Steeles (next to "Mr Greek(?) love their Lobster bisque, reservations suggested for later eating on weekends

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  1. Lobster Royale is very good but one should also consider The Lobster Trap on Avenue Road south of Highway 401. I believe that the owner or chef of Lobster Royale used to work at the Lobster Trap. Also the best lobster bisque in Toronto is not at a lobster restaurant. Try Richlee's Restaurant on Avenue Road across from the Lobster Trap.

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      Lobster is not mentioned because it is almost impossible to serve "good" lobster so far away from the sea.

      A restaurant has to fly just enough lobsters in from the coast everyday and serve them that evening to the clients - better plan on paying $100+ per good crustacean here (if a restaurant can survive doing that).

      The two restaurants cited "tank" their lobsters. That means these creatures are swimming in a bath of their own secretions for days on end until either they die or cooked. You can *definitely* taste tanked lobsters! That's why it is good to have strong garlic butter and/or black bean sauce when dining on affordable lobsters in TO :-(