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May 1, 2003 06:54 PM

Greek Restaurants/greek food

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Where is the best Greek food in Toronto (and north as far as Barrie)? Does it have to be the in the Danforth area?

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  1. the danforth is generally the best place to look, imho...

    Zorba's, just east of pape on the south side of the danforth, is excellent in the middle of the night. generous portion sizes, and their saganaki (opa!) is, as far i'm concerned, the best in the city.

    i like the gyros (on pita) from Mr Greek the best, for delivery anyway. not too salty, and the pita is packed *full*.

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      I live on the Danforth so I feel like a traitor - for atmosphere - the Danforth is the best - however a few years ago I lived in the Bathurst / Wilson area and there was a place called Buzz Buzz pizza that had great souvlaki! I don't know if it still there - it is on Wilson just west of Dufferin on the north side.

      1. re: DJ

        i grew up on the danforth :)

        actually, my boyfriend and i found a place on bloor west, right by ossington station that has truly excellent hummus. the chef makes it himself, unlike many places that take it out of a jar.

        i can't remember the name of the place, so here's how to find it:

        go out of ossington station, turn right. cross to the south side of bloor, then walk east. it's two blocks east, on a corner, and has a tiny patio outside.

        beware the blonde waitress, though. her english is terrible, but she's not greek.. when we ordered screwdrivers, we had to explain that they were vodka + orange juice. obviously we got vodka and orange crush.. as for ordering gyros, hummus, and saganaki, we ended up just having to point at the menu. the saganaki there is terrible, the gyros is middling, but as i said, the hummus is outstanding. thick enough that you could easily stand a spoon up in it, but also smooth and creamy and delicious. i would definitely go back just for the hummus, and attempt to wangle the recipe out of the chef.

    2. k
      Kevin Bertsch

      Having lived just south of the Danforth for a number of years, I am naturally biased.. but there's just so much choice in such a small area.

      Astoria and Omonia are two cheap & cheerful favourites, as is the Friendly Greek (you can get a huge plate of lamb chops with all the trimmings for half the price you'd play for a rack of lamb at a fancier place).

      Christina's and Mezes are a little more upscale. Ouzeri was a very happening place while Aristedes was the chef; I understand it's a little more mundane now, but great decor and atmosphere.

      But, really, almost any place is great if you're just looking for something basic, like calamari, saganaki, souvlaki, or lamb chops.

      And if you really want some home-style cooking, try Ellas around on the corner on Pape just north of Danforth. They let you come into the kitchen and look right into the pots! Great stews, moussaka, etc. and very friendly service.


      1. I have discussed this with Greek friends and the concensus is, outside of Montreal (where unfortunately it's harder to find saganaki), the best authentic greek is at Mez├ęs on Danforth.

        1. I live right above a Greek restaurant on the Danforth - for the past eight years... eaten all over and I'll tell you the BEST gyros are at Alexzandros - a little hole in the wall at Carlaw/Danforth - take out or eat at the little square in front of the place. Best burgers too...