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May 1, 2003 02:05 PM

Are there any good kosher/halal restaurant(s) uptown?

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Hi - I have some friends who only eat kosher/halal meats and I'd like to organize a get-together at a place where they have options other than vegetarian. Any ideas would be welcome!


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  1. Hello Icy:

    Check out an old posting of mine, linked below, which leads to a website listing halal restaurants in the GTA. Some of the listings are old, so phone the establishment first.

    By the way, that Tabaq BBQ place that I had wanted to try has turned into a Korean restaurant.


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    1. re: Lat K.

      Try Marky's at Bathurst and Wilson or Miami Grill at Yonge and Steeles or Milk and Honey on Bathurst or King David at Yonge and Lawrence aka Migdal David. For dessert Krispy Kreme doughnuts at Hillcrest Mall at Yonge and Highway 7.

      1. re: LuckyChucky

        The request was for GOOD kosher restaurants! Markys has always given me a nasty stomache ache, perhaps due to the overly-salty, low quality food. Frankly, there are very few decent kosher restautants in Toronto. The Chicken's Nest has good food, but is very expensive. I dream of the day that an affordable, imaginative kosher restaurant shows up in Toronto.

      2. re: Lat K.

        As for Halal, I went to Chopan Kebab House on Danforth and found it to be very tasty food. Large portions and cheap prices, and flavours that go beyond your typical "kebab".

      3. More mid-town, I guess, but Boujadi is on Eglington.

        I haven't been there since it moved, so perhaps someone could weigh in on how it has stood the test of time and moving.

        Mint tea is a must have to finish off the meal.

        See Link below.


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        1. re: Yermum

          Visited Boujadi about 2 mo ago (after the move to Eglinton W. of Bathurst). It is cozy, friendly and the kosher Moroccan food is both exotic and delicious. Highly recommended.

          1. re: Yermum

            Just to be clear, Boujadi uses kosher meat and does not cook with dairy foods, but it is not certified kosher because it is open on the Sabbath. Personally, I looove Boujadi, but some people might not find it kosher enough.

          2. Hi there.
            if you are downtown, try Something to talk about on Gerrard, corner of Bay. Great, fast, very reasonably priced and delicious lunch. Try the daily soup. always comforting. the place is miniature, but facade painted bright yellow. takeout is probably your only option consider the space constratint. But the patio at the back is always busy during lunch time. I think they are only open weekdays for lunch.