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May 1, 2003 10:05 AM

Best vegetarian in TO?

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Does anyone have any recommendations for great vegetarian food in the city?

Some of my favourites are:

- The deli counter at The Big Carrot.
- Buddha Vegetarian and Cafe 668
- I usually get my Indian food at The Indian Kitchen (just off Yonge, north of Steeles)
- Salad King
- New Generation Sushi (great veggie sushi)

I'm always looking for new things to try!

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  1. If you want good veggie Indian food .. try Brar Sweets at Mavis Rd. and Dixie Rd. It's a bit out of the way (for me), but in my opinion it's worth it. 100% pure vegitarian and it's an all you can eat buffet.

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      Hey veggieites!

      I absolutely love the eggplant sandwich at California Sandwiches...the one I go to is in Woodbridge at the Piazza Del Sol plaza at Hwy 7 and Weston Rd. It's really really good...get it with mushrooms, onions and hot pepper if you want a kick. They also have a grilled veggie sandwich..but I'm more partial to the eggplant now..

      I used to go to Lotus Garden on Dundas just past the Art Gallery of's pure veggie..not sure if it's still there anymore..haven't been in months...

      Love the Nature Burger at Lick's Homeburgers...they cook it on a separate grill too...

      That's all for now...I'll post again if I think of something else..


    2. If you eat dairy (or fish too, like me) and like Italian, Gio Rana's Really, Really, Really Good Restaurant (one less really?) on the corner of Queen E and Leslie has some great selections (try the crespelle)

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        torontonian in the uk

        For quicker meals, I'll have to vouch for Juice for Life at 521 Bloor Street West in the Annex. My only quibble is that they use canola oil - a.k.a. rapeseed oil - yuck! But my 'lil sis works there and the fresh juices are amazing.

        I worked for ages at the Vegetarian Restaurant in the Junction, corner of 2849 Dundas St. & Keele St. I happen to think the food is spectacular and I know what effort and love goes into fine tuning every dish they serve, so it totally comes from the heart!

        Unlike Juice for Life, it is more of a cosy sit down place and good for entertaining, mother's day, etc. Daily specials, great homemade soups that change all the time, desserts baked next door (where they also make all the tofu/tempeh/veggie burgers/soy milk that we cooked with!) Try the amazing tofu nuggets with soy mayo dip, or the vegan ceasar salad with blackened tempeh. The veggie burgers are also delish, especially the soft tofu burger which, because of the perishable ingredients, is made from a fresh mix and so is quite different to the veggie burgers made next door.

        You can buy a lot of the dishes to take home from the small market section - I used to keep a bag of veggie burgers in the freezer for easy meals!

        The menu may have changed a bit since I left Toronto four years ago, and I understand they're now doing a brunch menu at weekends which I haven't tried - but I'm sure it's great.

        My only comment would be that I never loved the decor - it's a little on the pastel/floral side, and I don't like the music. The managers always preferred to play classical or music they find relaxing or inspirational. I used get away with slipping in Astrud Gilberto or the Beach Boys, so maybe try and go when the younger staff are supervising, as we were always trying to make things a bit cooler! :-)

        So people with modern taste may not like that side of things. However, when you're getting great food... you can deal with the chintz.

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          Ahhh ... The Vegetarian Restaurant. Unfortunately it's a bit too far west for me nowadays, and I never get out to that part of the city.

          It used to be a favourite restaurant of mine in the 1970s, when it was on Yonge Street. I still remember the burritos, there!

          Of course, I also remember the Groaning Board, where we used to get a great salad bar, while watching the newsreels on the Cannes Ad Festival.

        2. Do folks know there's a Commensal here?

          Le Commensal is a vegetarian institution in Montreal and they have opened a location in downtown Toronto. The address says Bay street, but the door is on Elm Street.

          They have a buffet and you pay by weight so if you are saving pennies, go for the light food (!).

          They seem to carry food for all - from the veggie who wants wine with a meal, to the strict macrobiotic.

          Very casual and not for those who are looking for ambiance or service. If you know what you're doing and with a little luck (it kind of depends what's on the menu for the day and how recently the food you like came out) you can craft a great meal.


          1. well, to start off with, we visited le commensal on Elm a view times, and really wasn't too impressed iwth it. Yes, they have a variety of salad selection, but the food is just average, and with the paying by weight system, the price can really add up. They do have reasonable desserts though.

            My favorite is a lesser known place at Kinsington Market called King's Cafe. (I can't remember the exact address, but the area is small, I am sure you won't miss it). Good ambience, classy deco, awesome service, what more can you ask? Wonderful selection of fusion food. Great Chai too!

            Lotus Garden at Spadina and Dundas is also a favorite. I am not big fan of faux meat, but you should definetely try their braised "eel". MMMM....yum.....

            Oh, and if you are in the mood for some burger, Lick's would be my pick

            Juice for life is always a good place to bring your non-vegetarian friends.

            As for Indian cuisine, I would suggest you try The Host. It's fairly pricy for an Indian restaurant, but the food is very well executed. The chef is always happy to accomodate other dietery needs. (good service)

            I was at Sunny cafe on bloor once. Food is average. As my meat-loving BF puts it: "it's just your typical vegetarian food - dry and crumbly".

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              Ok so I don't advocate Commencal as the best in TO. I just haven't heard buzz around it like in Montreal.

              Fair enough.

              On the Veggie Chinese track... the Taro Fish at Lee Gardens on Spadina was unbelieeeeeeeeeveable.