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May 1, 2003 09:11 AM

Latin American bakeries in Toronto

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Does anyone have any recommendations for Latin American bakeries? In particular, has anyone tried Las Palmas or La Rosa Chilena?

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  1. Hi there,

    I'm chilean...have been to Rosa Chilena. Bread is pretty good - the empanadas are crappy. You can better ones in Kensington at Segovia meats (not jumbo empanadas - they're crap too!).

    The pastries at Rosa Chilena are not very good. Better pastries at Barradas on Christie just south of Dupont and north of the Fiesta Farms supermarket. Barradas bread is very good also - better than Rosa Chilena's. The only problem I have with this place is the quantity that they actually bake everyday - need to go early to get alfajores, chilenitos, and bread.

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    1. re: Mangela

      Do you know if anyone makes Tres Leche cake in Toronto?

      1. re: Middydd

        It's not tres leche cake, but it might be similar.
        From Toronto Life's website:
        There’s a big Iranian population around here, so we bring in baklava and other Middle Eastern pastries, Persian ice cream and phaloudeh,” says Sophie Miller of Chocolada. “We have a South American clientele, so we make a dulce de leche cake.”

        1. re: sunnyside

          I not sure about Latin American Bakeries, but I did have this great flan dessert at El Fogon Restaurant the other day (St.Clair and Vaughan).

          Maybe they'll make you a cake for a special occasion. Wouldn't hurt to ask.

          1. re: sunshine

            I know that there is also a Uruguayan place on Wilson, west of Dufferin called Emporio de los Sandwiches. From what I remember they have little sandwiches and pastries. You might want to try there.

        2. re: Middydd

          Not sure...but I would try the Barradas bakery on Christie, south of Dupont. I was really impressed with the cake I had ordered.

          Talk to the baker who is also the owner - and find out what he can make. He was more than willing to get some custom requests from my family.

          His whole family are bakers - they have another bakery with the same name in Serena, Chile apparently.

          1. re: Middydd

            Tres Leches cake is originally from Nicaragua, you can usually order it at La Bella Managua restaurant.

            La Bella Managua
            872 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G 1M5
            (416) 913-4227

          2. re: Mangela

            So any suggestion for good empanadas?

            Used to find lovely (chilean style? - baked pastry not corn flour) ones up on Fairmont in Montreal. Haven't even seen any in Toronto, though I haven't exactly been searching.

            1. re: Yermum

              I normally don't buy empanadas because I have the great fortune of having a great cook at home (dad!)...

              But when I have, my family goes to the Segovia Meat Market in Kensington on Augusta. It has a Chilean flag on it...can't miss it. Pretty good and not just full of onions - plenty of meat.

              1. re: Mangela

                Awesome. Will check it out. Thanks!

              2. re: Yermum

                Juan Meat Market El Gaucho.

                It's at Jane and Wilson but is a bit difficult to find. I've seen a couple of addresses on Beverly Hills Drive. It runs west from Jane and then turns north up to Wilson.
                The addresses 18 or 40 depending on the website you find (they don't have their own) shows them in the wrong place. There is a building that's rear faces Downsview Arena (on the east side) and it's in there. Sorry I can't give you better directions, I know how to get there but not how to better explain it.

                Anyway, fantastic Argentinian empanadas.


            2. Hi

              Any places in Mississauga or Oakville?

              1. I've been to La Rosa Chilena, I loved the cheese empanadas, they were just coming out of the oven when i got there. Also I recommened the Milhojas and Brazo de Reina pastries, they are to die for. Go on the weekend were they have more selection. I have never been to las palmas personally but they have been in business for a long time just like La Rosa which means they probably know what they are doing.

                La Rosa Chilena
                760 Wilson Ave, Toronto, ON M3K1E2, CA

                1. There is Pancho's Mexican bakery. One location in Kensington, the other on Davenport.