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Apr 30, 2003 09:04 PM

Curry Twist

  • m

We regularly dine at a gem called Curry Twist on Dundas at High Park Ave.

Their butter chicken is fantastic!

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  1. b

    Curry Twist is passable. It is far too watered down, and devoid of spice. Take the plunge and head to Gerard street - Moti Mahal! Better yet head to Derry and Airport (Ruby Plaza) and try the butter chicken at that Moti Mahal.

    As a fellow Juction resident, have you been to North of Bombay?

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    1. re: ButterChickenHound

      Ordered from there tonight! - two words: Chicken Korma.

      1. re: cs

        both of these Junction curry houses are assthetically pleasing but's no coincidence that you can't spell either of those words without the ass......For good Indian, the only choices are Lahore on Gerrard and Biryani House on Wellesley