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Apr 30, 2003 06:58 PM

Where to buy USDA/CBGA Prime?

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I know i asked this last year but cannot for the life of me find the post...Where, apart from Olliffe's can one buy Prime steak?

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  1. What is CBGA?
    As of a year ago, Whole Foods Market at Hazelton Lanes sold USDA Choice (but not Prime). I felt it was overpriced and not as good as Cumbrae's aged steaks. I don't know of any other place that sells USDA Prime. I asked Lobels of NYC if they will deliver their USDA Prime to Canada and they said No...

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      It's the equivalent to the USDA. See below.


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        Thanks for the info. I personally have never seen this Canadian Prime designation anywhere, but will keep an eye out for it...

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          My gut feeling is that I'm going to be out of luck unless I want to mortgage my house and go to Olliffe's. The shortage of beef at this grade and the difficulty even the steak houses have getting it are working against me.

    2. Olliffe and the rest are listed at the torontolife feature below.

      You can always get on the horn and call around. ;-)


      1. Nunzio's on Bayview South of Eglington (used to be a Bruno's) had USDA Prime Sirloin Steaks today at 24.99/lb.

        Though that will set you back about $22 for a steak, it is beautifully marbled (closest I have seen to Kobe Beef in Canada - though it still pales in comparison) and by throwing it on the BBQ the humblest of cooks can have a piece of meat that is as tender as anything you'll eat in the finest restos. Or so I like to think :-)