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Apr 30, 2003 05:09 PM

Yonge/Davisville area restaurants

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I was at a friend's who lives in the Yonge/Dvisville area and we were looking for a decent place to eat dinner for a reasonable price. We have been to all the local places. i.e. St. Louis Chicken, Kramer, Mosquito Moes and were looking for something decent. We walked down Yonge past St. Clair and found a small pub called Wiley's (or was it Riley's) that had decent grub for a very reasonable price. They make their own relish and hot salsa (not common in many pubs). Am always looking for new ideas. Anyone have any?


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  1. If you like Italian food there's a great little spot call Mediterraneo's about 2 blocks south of Eglinton on the east side of Yonge.

    Been there two or three times now and have particularly like their appetizers - was introduced to pine nuts in a salad there! Great gnocchi and calamari.

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      If you're in the mood for Mexican, Mariachi's (Yonge, just south of Manor) has great fajitas and other delicious Mexican food. The drinks come in funky "tourist" glasses (I like the guava margarita).

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        Martin Johnston

        I can second the opinion on Mediterraneo's and also add they have an excellent wine list, including a criminally under-priced Alsatian Pinot Gris - I forget the brand, but it was the only one of that varietal on the list.

        Decent sized portions, fast and friendly service plus a really wide ranging menu. They also have lots of nice wee extras that can really make a meal, like the afore-mentioned pine nuts or truffle oil for the pasta.

      2. Sushi Supreme. On Yonge 2 blocks North of Davisville on the East side. Stay away from maki that suffer from soggy nori. Nigiri is pretty good. They serve all the favourite rolls from the Bloor St Sushi "Roll-Off".

        Cooked food is the best option. Among the best Tempura in TO. Tempura Sweet potato $2.50 - yeah it's filler, but it's tasty.

        Bento Boxes run $7 - $10 - likely more food than you can get though.

        Great Tempura Udon. $8 Not so good for summer, but even still.

        Friendly service. Summer months they open the windows in the front which sounds like a good idea, but there's a grocery store next door that has a bit of a wasp problem that quickly becomes your wasp problem. Sushi Supreme's proprietor knows about it and I think has stopped opening the windows. If not be advised.

        This is not Hiro's but, for the price, if you are in the neighborhood it's a habit that's hard to break.


        Gratzie north of Eg. Busy and simple, but consistant and good value.

        Savi's Roti - this is tucked away down an alley just east of Yonge and D'ville. If you've got a craving for roti and you're in the neighborhood its a walk away. I OD'd pretty early on so haven't been there for a while. Very friendly and runs about $5. More for Pahrata roti.

        PS. Mourning the loss of Pizzabilities the purveyor of goumet slices that had a short lived stint a couple of doors north of owner Vittorio's namesake resto. Pizzabilities had saved the neighborhood from a fate worse than PizzaPizza, and for a time had a stuffed pork loin sandwhich that was to die for. RIP.

        1. Hi, that was Wylie's at Yonge and Summerhill, you visited. Cross the street the next time you're in the neighbourhood and you can check out the LCBO's newest and biggest megastore.

          There are at least a couple of places to discover along Yonge Street between Summerhill and Davisville. There's also a lot north from Davisbille along Yonge, especially once you get to Eglinton. The best greasy spoon in that neck of the woods is the Good Bite at Erskine, but be advised it is greasy!

          In the Davisville area, Jaipur Grille is an option if you like Indian. It's in its first year of operation and has pretty good food. They are on the north east corner of Lola Road and Yonge Street (next to St Louis).

          I've actually had a good bisonburger with Oka Cheese at the Bow and Arrow the one time I ate there, although I am not sure whether this was a fluke.

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            Ooops! The Jaipur Grille is on the NW corner of Lola & Yonge, not the NE.

          2. A mass of Italian places that would be indistinguishable to a blind person.
            But give a try to:
            Zucca - they have an excellent value prix-fixe on Mon/Tues (? and Wed?).(S of Eglinton west side)
            Young Thailand. This mini-chain has gone seriously downhill over the years, but the one N of Davisville is about the best.(west side half way between Davisville and Eglinton)
            Stork On The Roof - may be a bit above your budget, but most interesting food in the area - Dutch based.(east side N of Davisville)
            Boston's - a nondescript family restaurant in an office building (west side just N of Davisville). Their breakfast special ($4.99) is the best in the area - and it's not at all greasy spoon.
            Wasn't impressed with Jaipur Grill and St Louis does NOT have anything close to the best chicken wings in town - despite what the Toronto papers say!

            1. My fave two go-to places are 5 Doors North and Tabule. Not sure Tabule existed when this thread started!

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