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Apr 30, 2003 05:05 PM

Best Ribs in Town

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I was just wondering what people thought was the place that served the best ribs in Toronto. I am partial to those served at Baton Rouge in the Eaton Centre, but am always looking for somewhere decent. Any suggestions? BTW I just found this site and love it. Keep up the good work Chowhounds!


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  1. There's a couple of spots I like - Baton Rouge has quite delectable ribs.

    Purple Pig Bar and Rib House
    at 1 Richmond St. West has great ribs - tasty, but not quite fall off the bone tender like Baton Rouge. I suspect it's because they use back ribs as opposed to side ribs I think (I can never remember which one is which) and that the back ribs are "meatier" and leaner hence the reason they tend to stick to the bone more. Good wings there too! I've had their pulled pork sandwich too but I found it a little too dry for my liking however at:

    Dipamo's BBQ at the intersection of College and Ossington had a super pulled pork sandwich! Tender and moist and they gave you a little tub of sauce to dip it in! Had one while watching Shakespeare at High Park last summer. It's a little off topic but I think they had ribs on the menu too. I haven't tried those yet but the sandwich was so good I'll be heading back to try them too.

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      Dipamos is okay (it has a new name now though- in any case it's very near Ossington and College)- If the purple Pig TO is as good as the Bracebridge location that's good news. Talking about ribs in TO makes me sad for the Hickory Hut and Ted Cookes 19 hole in Minneapolis.



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        Great ribs, usually 3 racks! "Place for Steak" on Sheppard just west of Bathurst

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          Ok. You're on. Thanks for this suggestion.
          I've been searching for great ribs for years - Toronto's are poor by world-class standards. I've tried all of the previous suggestions (Dipamo's - OK but merely passable; Purple Pig - awful - dried out; Baton Rouge - commercial, bland flavours) and others. Still searching, so I'll check this one out.

          1. re: estufarian

            I have to agree, The place is called "THE PLACE FOR STEAK and SEAFOOD". The Ribs are fantastic, portions huge....I can say that for price and quality, the whole menu, is superb.....On weekends you need reservations, the place gets real busy.....Good luck..Eli..:-)

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              But does the meat fall of the bones with just a nudge of the fork? To me, that's the real test! I recently made a special trip to the Steak Pit on Avenue Road based on my great rib reviews it had received, but they were not fall of the bone type ribs. I have yet to find a place that's comparable to Baton Rouge.

            2. re: estufarian

              i will have to agree that t.o needs a boost in the ribs department. i've been to dipamos and found the flavour bland and not so great. to be honest the place i continue to go to when i want ribs is The Rainforest Cafe in Yorkdale mall. They are quite good and you can request extra sauce. So far in t.o they are the best i've tasted. I really did not like baton rouge's ribs and i tried them in montreal and t.o.

              Try the Rainforest Cafe

      2. Now having just come from a feed of great home cooked ribs (cut before your eyes up at Marlon Panther's The Butcher's on Yonge North of Eglington) I can only remember one feed of ribs to compare.

        Though perhaps this is not what you are looking for in your best ribs category, the Sticky Asian BBQ Ribs from the Rosedale Diner made a huge impression at the time.

        1. The Steak Pit on Avenue Road has amazingly good ribs. They call their BBQ sauce Mexican sauce, don't know why, but it's delish.

          Also good for ribs, The Octagon on Yonge Street.

          Best for ribs? My house on a lazy Sunday evening in July. Mmmm.

          1. You found Baton Rouge-----look no further. They are the absolute best ribs you can find in the city. I've tried ribs at several high ends steak joints, but they don't compare to Baton Rouge's ribs. They are truly fall off the bone type ribs.

            A decent second oddly enough is The Outback. Very good ribs.

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              Different strokes I guess.
              Tried both - never went back to either.

            2. I have eaten at all teh places you all have mentioned. But, just recently experienced THE BEST back ribs I have had in the city. You must go to RD's BBQ and Blues house on Duncan St. Their KC Back ribs beat ANY ribs in this city.