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Apr 30, 2003 04:00 PM

samosas and east indian buffet

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for anyone who lives - or wants to travel to - the far north west of toronto, there are several great East and West Indian places...

Samosas: the East Indian grocery store in the same building as Dr. Fleas flea market (corner of Highway 27 and Albion Road) sells the best samosas ever for 4/$1. The dipping sauce is amazing.

buffet: corner of finch and highway 27, there is a new place that we just happened upon about 2 weeks ago (behind the truly bad (celine dion's) nickels, tim hortons and burger king) in an empty strip mall We missed the buffet, but just ordered a la carte. Chicken filled naan was a total surprise. I need to go to the buffet just to try everything. They have the same samosas as the East Indian grocery store - same price too.

West Indian: same neighborhood, but on Westmore... there are a few little roti places - that take forever - but if you hit on the right thing it is great. Homemade hot sauce.

Also... same neighborhood, 2 blocks west of Highway 27 on Finch (at lights) Ralph's Bakery is in the industrial unit at the corner. Harddough bread, patties and bun. Waiting in line for oxtail gravy and rice & peas is frustrating/silly, but worth the wait.

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  1. You ought to try the west Indian food at Finch and Weston road. There is the traditional Guyanese style at Cane grove and across the street in the strip mall is Willy's Jerk.

    As for Indian food, you ought to make the trek to Albion and Islington. Brars is veggie heaven and the dosa Hut (complete with gaudy pink wallpaper) is to die for!!

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      I hate to do this because this is a hidden treasure and I hate to see this place get too busy. However, they deserve it and their service is wonderful. The best Indian Buffet in the city is Poonam Delite on Danforth (just east of Main - north side - across from Canadian Tire). The food is fresh, plentiful and cheap. Spiced perfectly and the butter chicken (only available on Friday/Saturdays) is the best - try going there after 7 though and it is not as busy!