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Apr 30, 2003 03:56 PM


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So, having just read the article in the Star, i thought i'd drop by, and ask your opinions...

Where do you guys go for sushi?

my boyfriend and i love Sushi Sky, on the west side of Yonge just north of College. Generally we just pop in and have the Dragon Maki (inside-out maki, filled with avocado, tempura shrimp, tobiko sauce, and tobiko, then rolled and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds, and topped with salmon) and a cup of tea. their salmon is almost always excellent.

recently we've been going to Mariko (on the Danforth, in the Carrot Common), for their $23 all-you-can eat dinner. it's not just sushi, which is the great thing. maki, nigiri sushi, udon, appetizers, etc etc.. it's wonderful.

we've also been to Katsu, also on the danforth, north side, just east of Carlaw. similar deal, slightly cheaper. less selection, but the fish seems to be better than Mariko, and the tempura is also better (crispier). plus, they have sashimi included in the all-you-can eat option. the regular menu is huge, with an excellent selection. i strongly suggest the beef sashimi. to die for.

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  1. Several spots:
    1) Omi on Church is fresh and excellent
    2) Can't remeber name but often go there before a show - it is opposite Roy Thompson Hall on King street, just below street level where Peter's Backyard was. Excellent value, very frsh and owners are very nice
    3) while a bit more commercial, AKASAKA is consistent and middle range (Yonge and Empress in Willowdale or on HWY #7)

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    1. re: munchie

      In the same neighborhood is Hanima (s side of Danforth, w? of Logan). Friendly folks, homey room and nice variety on menu. It's one of our regular places.

      When we are being downtown and hip, Sushi Inn on Cumberland is a standby. Although the service seems rushed, you do get out on time to catch the flick. Fellow diners always seem to be the same shinyhappy types. Good food well presented, the portions seem modest, though I've never left there hungry. I thought it deserved more than the 2N rating by now magazine.

      1. re: yummer

        Sushi Bistro at Queen/University is pretty good for the value oriented. They don't skimp on the size of nigiri & sashimi, though you lose a little on presentation.

        We enjoyed New Generation on Bloor as a good mid-range place, if you can stand the wait in line.

        1. re: mkg

          I love eating sushi and over the years I have found that in Toronto that there are 3 distinct types of sushi restaurants.

          1. Korean owned establishments.
          Primarily located in Koreatown in the Bloor and Christie area. The Korean restaurants here offer great Korean meals (Bi Bim Bap, Chap Chae and the ever tasty Kalbi short ribs) and many of them also offer sushi on the menu as well. What I find here is that the sushi offered here is primarily salmon and snapper nigri and is served primarily as an afterthought or a side dish to the Korean dishes and kimchi.

          2. Chinese owned establishments.

          Places like Katsu, Queen St. Sushi Bistro, Bloor St Sushi and New Generation. They offer plenty of tasty sushi and sashimi at great prices. Presentation is average and often the menu consists of different "combos" offering essentially small, medium and large portions of sushi/sashimi. I find that they are all very similar and very little distinguishes them apart.

          3. Japanese owned restaurants.

          Places like Zero in Yorkville and Hiro on King St. remind me why I started eating sushi in the first place. The sushi presented here is dynamic and constantly changing. It's obvious the chefs are searching for different ways to prepare and present their sushi. They will often offer a "chef's special" where the diner can have the chef take them on a culinary journey. Exotic treats like live shrimp can intrigue the palate.

          For me, Hiro on King St. is my favourite sushi place in Toronto at the moment. That being said, I couldn't afford to eat there regularly but it's fantastic place to treat yourself to the freshest sushi in town.

          I find that the real marker of a good sushi restaurant is if they offer mackerel on the menu. It's an oily fish and has quite a strong flavour. To balance the flavour grated ginger and green onion is shredded on to the fish (not wasabi!)....mmm just thinking about it gets me drooling....

          As an aside, the best uni (sea urchin) in Canada is available fresh from the Pacific in Vancouver B.C.!

          1. re: M.Wong

            I usually go to New Generation at Bathurst & Bloor. I'm a vegetarian (no fish either) and they have a great selection of interesting veggie sushi. No plain old cucumber rolls here. I love the Spicy Vegetarian Maki.

            1. re: Amanda

              Barring Sushi Kaji (Queensway and Islington's) super-expensive but sublime stuff (have lived in japan and Kaji's is about as good as it gets), an affordable option is Ema-tei on St. Patrick (1 blk N or Queen W on W side). It's a great place to try some non-sushi Japanese dishes as well.

              1. re: sm

                I've fallen in love with Lily (on Broadview). The room is so enticing and seductive (excellent date locale) with it's wood panneling and 1920's feel. The dumplings are incredible, the maki introduces some very interesting and unexpected pairings.


                1. re: Cody

                  If your in the north end, (Vaughan, Concord, Woodbridge). There's a wonderful place that I beleive beats many of the downtown spots handsdown. It's "Minado" on Steeles, just east of Keele on the south side, it's in one of those industrial units, right across from the Business Depot. Gotta try the Spdier Roll, awesome, real fresh, have eaten there for past 7 years.

                  Favorite downtown spot NAMI's near corner of Church and Adelaide. Great BBQ counter with excellent blackened Cod, squid on the Bar B , with a special sauce that just makes it perfect. Also spicy scallop roll (to die for).

                  1. re: Peetie

                    If anyone is in the west-end of Toronto (Etobicoke), I seriously recommend J's Sushi Bistro (Dundas Street West, just west of Kipling).

                    I tried it for lunch one day as my office is just a few blocks away, and it is wonderful. The chef (Soo) is animated and entertaining, and the sushi is some of the best I've ever had...It's become a weekly lunch spot.

                    1. re: Sam

                      Although very casual and untraditional, Crazy Sushi and California Roll is definitely a place to try (located on Bloor W. near Spadina). The snow corn roll is unbelievable and the california rolls are so so fresh (ask for masago on top). For a completely satisfying and delicious meal, try the maki mono platter.

                      1. re: Barbara

                        Two favourite places:

                        Japan Deli
                        Affordable, low-key lunch and dinner. Tiny place on N/S side street, one street West of Yonge, running north off Charles. Can't remember street name - St. Nicholas, maybe? Owner/Chef who makes the food in open, always from scratch. Very fresh fish!!! Very nice owner. Established regular crowd. Not even mildly pretentious.

                        Not affordable but great. Excellent.

                        Never been there. I've heard that Hiro is amazing, but expensive and slow, because of a temperamental chef, who is very skilled at what he does.

                    2. re: Peetie

                      Have you ever gone to sushi inn? Its near the yorkville area on cumberland street this wonderful shushi restaurant offers a variety of different sushi and amazing soup and teriaki chicken with rice all for an amazing price!..i have gone sevral times and trust i was satisfied with the results.

                    3. re: Cody

                      how large of a hole does lily burn in the pocket book?

                      i am used to sushi on bloor and other comparitive prices.. this place sounds rather upscale?

                      1. re: andrew lee

                        Usually, dinner runs between $50-$60 (excluding alcohol), however, they don't skimp on the servings.

                        You could get away with a meal for around $40, however, you'd be missing out on some fantastic dishes.

                        Hopefully it helps


                2. re: M.Wong

                  Mmm... yes. i've eaten fresh uni *in* vancouver. and fresh salmon from the pacific that had been swimming 20 minutes before.. it was heavenly! (my stepfather caught the fish, came home, and was filleting for barbecuing... i snaffled all the good fatty belly meat).

                  1. re: M.Wong

                    SUSHI ON BLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!

            2. Gojima on Bloor at Islington is great! They have a lunch menu bento box that offers three types of maki and shrimp and veggie tempura with miso soup, and two or three different salads for $9.95. Always fresh and flavourful. I've tried dozens of other sushi places for lunch but can't beat the flavour or price!

              1. Gojima on Bloor at Islington is great! They have a lunch menu bento box that offers three types of maki and shrimp and veggie tempura with miso soup, and two or three different salads for $9.95. Always fresh and flavourful. I've tried dozens of other sushi places for lunch but can't beat the flavour or price!

                1. Try Gui Rei on the Queens Quay, (between Bathhurst & Spadina)
                  nice decor, nice location by the waterfront.

                  Everything is fresh! I recommend the Spider roll sushi (soft shell crab)!