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Apr 30, 2003 03:55 PM

24 hour brekkie

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Mars (on College at Bathurst) has to be the best place to go for 24 hour weekend service and all day breakfast. The prices are great as well as the menu selection being pretty large for such a small place. It is normally packed on the weekend and there is no such thing as a reservation. I recommend the grand-slam greasy and artery clogging good! My hubby likes there nice big pancakes with a side of sausage and whipped butter.

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  1. No list of great breakfast joints in Toronto would be complete without the Tulip, a venerable grease pit On Queen Street East at Coxwell. The Tulip eschews most vegetables (except home fried potatos) but serves up enormous portions of peameal bacon, eggs and toast from early in the morning until late into the evening--as well as ok steaks at a decent price. It has to be one of the few greasy spoons around where people line up (often into the street

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      Bathurst and Bloor - Montreal Deli. Family owned and operated.

      Get the Big Baby Breakfast for 7 or so dollars:

      Pancake or fr. toast w/ 2 types of real maple syrop

      3 eggs

      2 meats
      montreal smoked Meat - awesome, sausage or bacon

      montreal style bagel w/ homemade rhubarb jam

      AAAAAND.....a bowl of fruit salad.

      Thank me later.

    2. Mars on College does indeed do a mean breakfast.

      Dupont offers two diners that do a good job as well. Peoples Foods west of Davenport has great breakfasts (& even burgers) from the morning until 9 or 10. I quite like their onion rings. They are very ungreasy, if that's a word.

      During the hours that it's closed, Vesta Lunch, east of Bathurst does a great job of picking up the slack. It's a great lunch couter to spend the early hours of the morning.

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      1. re: mikeb

        I second Peoples (but as stated it's only open until 10:00pm weekdays (and 5:00pm on weekends).

      2. Mars isn't 24 hours a day any more... they open at 7am and close Sunday-Thursday at 7pm and Friday-Saturday @ 9pm.

        it was a pretty big shock to the system when we were getting rushed out the door at 7:30pm one Thursday night... But better than showing up at 5am looking for food...


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          Whoops - forgot to mention - that you can get all breakfast at Sneaky Dee's across the road. And from Friday at 11am the only time you can't get breakfast is Saturday and Sunday mornings from 5a-9a.