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Apr 30, 2003 03:17 PM

Peking Duck

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Hey Chow Hounds, I'm looking for a Great peking Duck place in Toronto, (and I mean "Great", I already know a mediore one), any siggestions?

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  1. i've always wanted to try peking duck too.. only thing is, i'm not certain of the correct etiquette involved in eating it.

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    1. re: danbird

      Eating Peking Duck has it's own ritual. They bring it to the table and carve it up into lots of little slices.
      They also give you a bowl of sauce and a dish of greens and a stack of little tortilla type breads. You put sauce on the tortillas and then wrap up the duck slices and greens much as you would a soft taco and that's how you eat it.

      As a second course they also bring you the remains of the duck brewed up as soup. (It's all alot better than it sounds). You usually have to order the duck a day in advance. If you go to a resturant that doesn't require you to order it in advance then the quality really suffers.

      1. re: Wombat

        The soup for the second dish of Peking duck is one of two alternatives for it.

        Cantonese style Peking duck has the second dish served in this following way.

        -the meat of the skinned duck is removed from the bones.
        -it is then stir fried with diced vegetables
        -served on a large plate, you are also given a side dish with fresh lettuce leaves, shaped like bowls. the stir fried duck/veges is then scooped into the leaves and is eaten much like the first Peking duck dish.

        Both ways are excellent, but summer's coming and the cool fresh lettuce leaves are a refreshing difference to the still hot meat filling.

        You can try this alternative at New World Restaurant in Scarborough on Victoria Park and Steeles (south of Steeles). Its a large restaurant in a strip plaza with a HSBC.

        1. re: Wombat
          Kevin Bertsch

          Peking Duck can be the basis of an entire meal. At some ritual banquets, up to 30 courses, all using some part of the duck, are served!

          In Toronto, you usually only get two courses; the skin with pancakes, and one of meat stir-fried with vegetables and noodles, or a soup made with the duck meat. Some places serve three courses.

          Downtown, the old Champion House on Dundas between Bay and University was the champ. Uptown, I'd pick the Ambassador.

          And don't believe that "you have to order 24 hours in advance" advice; these places know they're going to serve 20-30 ducks a day, and plan accordingly.


      2. I dont claim to be an expert since only had Peking duck at a few places. However, the peking duck at Lai Wah Heen was amazing.

        1. I've had my share of peking duck...the best (and most I've been told--I'm a banana so I can only believe what I hear from the fam) I've had is at Peking Man, Sheppard & Leslie area

          the wrappers they give you are thinner, are more delicate than you get at any other chinese restaurant round town.

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          1. re: Kenley

            The good news is that most restaurants in Toronto serve up a decent Peking Duck. For a good duck, the skin should be flavourful and cut into small, thin pieces without much meat or fat. The flour wrap should be warm and soft (this is where a lot of restaurants fail in my opinion). I went to Chung King Garden Restaurant (4394 Steeles Ave East, Market Village) recently and the Peking Duck was good. I recommend this restaurant.

          2. New Peking Restaurant serves up daily specials like Dinner for 4, Dinner for 6, etc, that includes a 2 course Peking Duck.

            A total budget meal but the servings are ample and you come out a very happy camper.

            Restaurant decor is much to be desired. You get to watch the Chinese channel on the tube.

            But, you cannot beat their prices on the specials. Every table seems to be ordering the Peking Duck specials.

            Skin properly crisp, aromatic.

            Midland, nort of Finch.