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Apr 30, 2003 11:31 AM

The Chowhound in today's Star

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In the print edition: start from the front of this morning's food section.

On the Web: start from the URL below, and look for the 'Related Stories' box for links to all parts of the package.


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  1. Great article!I am so excited the Star featured this site. Now maybe more food junkies will learn about it and share their treasures. Thanks Jim Leff for coming to Toronto (especially for not being afraid to come during this time with the controversial WHO's warning)and sharing some of your favorite places. One of mine? Rahier's Patisserie, 1717 Bayview Avenue.

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    1. re: Toronto K.G.

      Hey, lots of people came (and continue to come) to support my city (NYC) after 9/11 in spite of risks. Think of it as partial repayment.

      Indeed, as you say, the goal is to accumulate a critical mass of like-minded eaters, at which point we can all enjoy having nary an errant scrap of deliciousness unaccounted for! Keep us happy and support the good guys! Keep posting, everybody; it primes the pump and ropes in fellow hounds who stop by!

      I don't know Rahier's. What's good?


      1. re: Jim Leff

        I also want to thank you for your vist, Jim.
        I was one of those who came to NYC in the weeks following Sep. 11. It was a very special trip and I loved everything about the city. My wife and I will be visiting again this summer and I can't wait!
        Hope you enjoy TO and make some great culinary finds...

        1. re: Jim Leff

          Any and all of their French Pastry. Their Brioche and Croissants (plain, almond, chocolate)are the best I've had in Toronto. Not sure of the name, but they have a wonderful little danish-type pastry with hazelnuts atop a caramel filling. Then there is their almond tarts with a touch of raspberry jam - yumm!

          1. re: Toronto K.G.

            Mixed review from me on Rahier.
            Great croissants. Great mini-pastries (except they have them in the back, not on display as they used to - I'm guessing they want to sell more of the higher priced 'regular' size).
            But I'm not a great fan of their regular bread.
            And their 'attitude' is stereotypically french. I just don't enjoy shopping there. Because of the croissants I'll do it if I can get in and out fast. Every time I ask a question I get a simple 'Yes' or 'No' answer - nothing like "Sorry, sold out today, come before 12:00 if you want those".

            1. re: estufarian
              Toronto K.G.

              That's too bad you have experienced some unsavory servers there. I guess I have been lucky. I think they have the patience of a Saint because it sometimes takes me forever to choose with all those goodies in the display case. There is a wonderful new patisserie on Yonge Street a few blocks south of Eglinton on the West side of the street. I think it's name is L'Tulip, but not sure. It is just south of the St. Louis chicken wing restaurant. Give it a try - their French pastries are very similar to Rahier's. They have a wonderful three-layer chocolate mousse that will have you craving for more!

            2. re: Toronto K.G.

              I've had mixed service as well, from great to indifferent, I suppose it depends upon the server. But I'll suffer bad service for good food.
              Another good patisserie is Tournayre Patisserie on Queen St East a block and a half east of Woodbine; same thing, service can be good to indifferent. The owners were involved with Rahier at one point. Eat well, live well!

            3. re: Jim Leff

              Great Article Jeff !!!! I've been an itinerant
              Chowhound for 25 years but never thought we had a
              union!!!! Maybe we should have a membership discount card or something.....hmmmmmmmmm.Live long and prosper!