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Apr 30, 2003 10:23 AM

GTA Rotis

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What are people's favourite roti joints here in the GTA, especially in Mississauga? I'm partial to Vena's and Gandhi; how do Barb's or Malhotra's rotis compare?

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  1. Kori's Roti in Oakville is great as is Calabash in Mississauga (Erin Mills and North Sheridan Way). Tasty, good portions and the heat can go way up.

    1. By far the best Roti I've had in Toronto is Bacchus, which is in Parkdale at Queen and Close (I think).
      Go there now!

      1. Barab's was one of the first and one of the best. I still drive back to Missingsausage for the dalpoori!!

        1. i too wasn't impressed with vena's, however i've got to say that island foods at king and dufferin as well as the grange market has a real good roti. nothing sketchy about it.

          1. The best roti's i've found are...
            Bacchus, Carribean Roti Palace, and Gandhi (for E Indian, butter chicken rules) --- but for the real deal for the W Indian one MUST go to bacchus in Parkdale