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Apr 30, 2003 09:23 AM

Satay beef noodle soup - Metro Toronto North

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Help! I am looking for a new restaurant that serves a wicked Vietnamese Satay beef noodle soup in the Richmond Hill/Markham/north Toronto area.

The satay beef noodle soup at Bon Friand (Market Village (Kennedy/Steeles)in Markham) was sinus clearing hot with a rich complex soup base. Alas, Bon Friand is now closed and the allergy season is upon us. I need a good fix to help clear my sinuses.

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  1. I like the Pho Satay at Pho 88 at Warden, south of Steeles.

    Does anyone know of any places selling Pho Satay in Mississauga?

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    1. re: Mr. Guy

      Pho 88's beef Satay is ok. I prefer the one at the Cho-lon in Times Square (hwy 7 & Leslie). The beef Satay at the new Cho-lon in First Markham Place is ok too (Hwy7, east of Woodbine).

      1. re: Mr. Guy

        Pho Satay at Pho 88 was okay, but the soup base was quite ordinary.

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        Kevin Bertsch

        Try Vic Hong on West Beaver Creek just north of Hwy 7; they have a variety of excellent soups. #53 Spicy Vietnamese Central Soup is beef brisket with noodles in a really tasty broth. (Had it for dinner last night; loved it.)