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Apr 30, 2003 04:01 AM


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I've been overseas for a couple of years but coming back to TO in June for holidays. Where can I get some good Pho???? Is Pho Rua Vang still around on Ossington?
I've become addicted to some Argentinian foods such as Dulce de Leche, and Mate...any ideas where to get them?

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  1. The best Pho Bo to be had, in my opinion, is from Pho Hung (it has a location on Spadina in Chinatown and on Bloor near Avenue. I also highly recommend Ginger (two locations on Yonge -- one at Charles and the other at Gerrard). Ginger gives you a slightly more fast-food version but delicious none-the-less.

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      I second Pho Hung. suggestion. It's my favourite pho.

      1. re: lissar

        There's also a place on Spadina (west side) that has a sign with a red bull on it. Very good too.


        1. re: c

          Pho 89 West of Spadina on the north side of Dundas - cleanest Pho place I've been to and the freshest tasting!

          Good selection of vermicelli and rice dishes too.

          1. re: M.Wong

            ahn dao on spadina, east side south of college is my favourite downtown vietnamese, although i go for bun not pho.
            Don't forget the vietnamese shopping area at broadview and gerrard for a variety of pho houses & south-east asian groceries. There's also a Cambodian place there that I'd like to try someday.
            As for Latin groceries, there is at least one Mexican grocery store in the kensington market where they sell Dulce de Leche.

        2. re: lissar

          Pho Hung is OK. The food is good and fairly priced but all 3 times I've been something has gone wrong e.g. wrong dishes brought (every time) and awful service.
          There has to be something better - but haven't found it yet.

        3. re: jawbone

          I used to love Pho Hung... until I discovered Pho Dau Bo and found out what Pho should really taste like. There are a couple of them around the GTA, but I have only been to the one at 2437 Finch Ave. W (@ Weston Road)

        4. Pho Rua Vang is still on Ossington but has new owners. If you're in the Scarborough area, try Green Bamboo at Midland/Sheppard.

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            Favorite pho place is Dai Nam, 221 Spadina, just south of Dundas.

            I am crazy for the pho satay but my friend always gets the bun dishes and raves about them too. The menu is huge and the place is very clean. If you can dream up a pho I bet this place has it.

          2. Hey guys/gals. I know that on the menu's, pho beef and tripe are listed. But I never see oxtail listed. Are we supposed to guess that there will be oxtail in our pho soup???

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            1. re: Mike Tyson

              I've never seen oxtail in pho. Are you thinking of tendon (gân in Vietnamese)? My vote for the best pho in Toronto by far is at Que Ling (on Bolton in the Gerrard/Broadview Chinatown). It's a shack and only open for lunch, but it tastes as close to anything I was used to eating in Hanoi as I've had in Toronto.

            2. The places I go for Pho:

              Rau Vang is very good pho (even with new owners) -- but, it's looking (more, much more) run down these days. I also is mysteriously closed sometimes (alright, only twice on me in a year -- but that's out of say 6 times).

              Pho Hung (spadina at St. Edmward) is brutally clean and bright with a (new for you?) lovely enclosed patio /sun room. The service can be bad. It gets better if you frequent it a lot or order stuff white guys usually don't. I go to UT so I end up here enough that I seem to get better service. They do run out of things (like ngo gai) or make you ask for extra limes, etc. and they do have a lot of servers with no english skills. But, they are bright, clean, open late and consistent. Try the Chicken Wings.

              Pho Saigon (Warden and Eglington) is the best in the burbs that I have found. Richer broth than some and good spring rolls.

              Mimi's in chinatown east on Gerrard. Good, although, I don't get there often. I will definately be giving Que Ling a try as it is new to me.

              1. Mimi's - a little east of broadview/gerrard is great.


                vietnam noodle star - midland and finch . very good