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Apr 29, 2003 07:36 PM

Ordering Chinese/Thai/Vietnamese after midnight

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Here's my deal: job that has me working through the evening, disorganized about shopping, often too worn, coming home at 12:45a or so, to want to cook from scratch.

So I order in. But the only option I can find, at that time of the night, is pizza; I've settled on Gigi on Harbord, based on a long-standing loyalty.

But: I also should really be on more of a diet, and it's disheartening to burn energy by biking 4 1/2 miles home uphill, only put it all back in again with a small pizza.

The solution would seem to be healthy green Asian etcetera. But: I can't seem to find a place that will do delivery after 11p or thereabouts. (Other than Ho-Lee-Chow; I thought they were worth about a C-.)

One of my possible routes home goes through the Dun/Spad Chinatown, and I've tried doing pickup there - there are lots of places open after midnight - but I find it's awkward, with the bike, and cooling quickly by the time I get home.

So, Hogtown chowhounds: who else can I call to order in Chinese after midnight?

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  1. Fantastic Restaurant
    440 Spadina Avenue, Toronto (416) 968-1038
    like this one. always good value. deliver til 4 I think. Many healthy vegetarian options.

    New Ho King
    416 Spadina AvToronto, ON M5T2G7 (416) 595-1881
    popular among students. had good meal there, but doesn't gurantee consistent quality.

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      Very helpful. Thx.