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Apr 29, 2003 11:43 AM

Great Italian Bakery/Take-out in TO!

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It may be a little out of the way, but the flawless focaccia and perfect pasta will make a visit to Commisso Brots Bakery (8 Kincourt & 33 Eddystone Rd...two locations) worth your while!
They offer everything from canoli to prosciutto to an olive bar you could bathe in...although don't!
The family run business devotes a level of care and attention to their food that seems missing in so many other Toronto businesses these days. My parents discovered the shop one day after visiting a lamp store out in the east end and we have been going back ever since. Their take-out area and warehouse-sized bakery at the back are the stars of the store...and in the Italian spirit, the portions are big enough to make even the hungriest eater blush! Try the focaccia (infused with rosemary and olive oil) or for the pasta lovers, the spaghetti and meatballs is a lovely choice.

Again...a little out of the way for the Yonge and Bloor-dweller but completely worth a visit! I would love to hear back from any current fans or potential visitors.

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  1. Shame about the mob connection.

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    1. re: Rocco

      True...but at least they don't let it interfere with their pasta.

      1. re: Katie S.

        A real gem for their pastries is Pasquales on Eglinton , west of Dufferin . The best Cannoli's ever, They're LARGE and filled right on the spot as you order them (just like in Sicily) They make their own shells and the filling is to die for. There are 3 Italian ladies that run the place and place is super clean and looks like right out of a movie. Gotta try those cannoli's ') Too bad they don't have a hot table, but excellent bread too!!

      2. re: Rocco

        Just enjoy it for what it's worth-the best damn "sangwiches" and hot table around!

      3. Been goin to Commisso Brothers for twenty years.
        Best tavola calda in town. Open 24 hours. Great
        pasta, chicken legs, veal and peppers heroes,
        meatballs and peppers heroes. Totally good
        take out!