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Sep 4, 2014 03:47 PM
Photo Story

New Homepage

Today we'll be launching a design update to the homepage. It's been some time since we've updated the page, so we'd like to point out a few new elements.

More Featured Stories & Recipes

As we move forward, our goal is to make CHOW much more visual, and expanding the homepage to allow our team to feature more articles, recipes, and posts from the community is the first step. We plan to use the extended real estate to feature some of the great photo stories being created by the community.

Top Boards

While veteran Chowhounds are very familiar with their favorite boards, new users who visit our homepage often don't realize the depth of conversation available. To help point them in the right direction, we've decided to feature the Topical boards in a ranked list by the number of posts. As always, the Home Cooking board's lead is quite impressive.

Top Nav and "New Post" Button

We've simplified the top nav as follows:

- "Articles" for our staff-created essays and lists.

- "Recipes" with a category dropdown that now includes a link to our video archive.

- "Community" for the Chowhound Community. Never fear, the Chowhound homepage is still labeled as such, but we hope to introduce more new users to the community with a clear label for those unfamiliar with the Chowhound brand.

- "My Boards" for logged-in users only.

We've also added a "New Post" button to allow you to start a new conversation from anywhere on the site. By default, this will open the Discussion form on the Chowhound homepage when clicked.

Mobile Homepage & Menu

In addition to the shiny new desktop version, we’ve updated our mobile homepage to match. We’ve simplified the mobile navigation while adding a lot more content to the page.

We’ll surely have a few bugs to address, so please report any issues you see here. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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    1. re: MplsM ary

      I know I'm not alone in this, but I called it:

      Let the retching begin.

      That aside, On first look only, I am liking the new visual layout. So far, anyway. Will have to see how it functions.

      1. re: mcsheridan

        Yes it has been a long, slow deathmarch. And now we see why that thread was locked.

        I agree that the site looks a lot better and like it was designed in this decade, anyway.

        What the hell do we call ourselves now? We're not Chowhounds, not Chows... Foodiots?

        Time to raise a glass to Chowhound.

        1. re: MplsM ary

          TPTB may call the site or any part of it anything they like. I'm still going to call you, me and anyone else I know around here a Chowhound; Newcomers can call themselves whatever they like.

          PS: I just edited my profile to reflect my chowhoundedness (new word).

          1. re: MplsM ary

            I've never considered myself a Chowhound even though I post here and like the place for the most part.
            Funny word if you ask me and nothing I want to be called in polite company.

            1. re: miss_belle

              then you should hear what people will call you in private!


            2. re: MplsM ary

              When I mention Chowhound in conversation, people know what I'm talking about. The term has even seeped into the wider media as shorthand for avid eaters who go to great lengths in search of deliciousness. That's right, us.

              If I mention Chow, I get blank looks. CBSi won't accept that of the two identities, Chowhound's the one with legs. It refuses to acknowledge that the Chow brand may carry about as much weight with the public as the long-dead print mag that gave it its name.

              1. re: squid kun

                CBSI will only see it when or if the number of hits is affected.

                I personally have said goodbye to Chowhound, and am guessing in the near future we will see no mention of Chowhound. They will have to move to a new sub-domain, (my guess?, but that's ok. This has been a long time coming and they should do away with one or the other in name only to make the site a cohesive one. It's always been confusing to have "an editorial side" and a "discussion side." They've lost tons of revenue by screwing with both brands instead of just making a decision and sticking to it.

                Edited to add, that John Chow's SEO is neck and neck with whereas never had that problem.

              2. re: MplsM ary

                What the hell do we call ourselves now?
                I always liked "foodtards". Cuz we, with the camera pouch looped around belts holding our high water khakis, seem that fit that best.

            3. re: MplsM ary

              It says "Chowhound Community" at the top of the main discussions page.

              So.... it's there.

            4. The site is very "jumpy" on mobile I-phone 4 iOS 6. Also there was mention of this in another thread but the Target Ad is overwelming the top banner of the page. It hides or covers a few of the search functions.

              2 Replies
              1. re: jrvedivici

                Thanks, we're keeping track of those ad issues here: Hoping to have a fix live soon.

                1. re: jrvedivici

                  We've released a fix for the overlaid ad on mobile. Let us know if you encounter this issue again.

                2. On my phone the little "my" button has disappeared. I don't want to have to go through a series of menu clicks just to get to the list of my boards. Is this a bug, or is this the way it's supposed to be? Thanks.

                  4 Replies
                  1. re: LNG212

                    We did move the "My Boards" link into the left hand navigation, which would mean one click to open the menu.

                    1. re: patsully

                      That would be mildly ok if you gave us a little more space to access the menu. I do not have bony thumbs. Shift Chow a scoshe to the right, please.

                      1. re: MplsM ary

                        On my iphone, the left hand navigation almost always is covered by an ad.

                        1. re: MplsM ary

                          Thanks, we're going to work on this for our next update!

                    2. Also just noticed this and not sure it's a bug. On the list if topics on, say, the manhattan board - the last column on the right shows the "1m" or whatever for when last replied like usual. But now underneath the topic title it also says "1m" or whatever but in blue. I don't recall that before. And why the redundancy? Wasn't the blue part the OP's name before? Thanks for any clarification.

                      1 Reply
                      1. re: LNG212

                        Hi LNG212.

                        On board pages on the desktop site, you are correct that the username of the person who created the thread is listed below the thread title. But on mobile, we've never displayed the username, just the thread title. (And on the Chowhound home page, the board name is displayed below thread titles.) But in terms of the duplicate "last reply" info, we're not able to reproduce that. Can you post a screen shot of what you're seeing?

                      2. Mobile page is much, *much* easier to read and use.

                        I won't hesitate to bitch about stuff I don't like, but I also won't hesitate to tell you when something is good. Well-done on the mobile site.

                        Now about the blue heart....