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Best slab of coconut layer cake in LA (cream cheese frosting need not apply)?

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    1. re: Haeldaur

      really ?????

      since they have southern ties, that would probably be right up my alley.

      and hopefully they serve it every day and not just on occasion.

      thanks holder.

      1. re: kevin

        I haven't had it in about a year. And I heard a rumor they changed pastry chefs. But, the slice I had there was heavenly. Extremely moist, and I think modeled after a famous one from the South.

        1. re: bulavinaka

          Yes it is...Vanilla cake layered with pineapple accented coconut filling & topped with fluffy coconut buttercream & shredded coconut

      1. Not my usual M.O., but this is a damn fine cake:

        Pepperidge Farm


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          1. re: J.L.


            Their frozen layer cakes are surprisingly good!

            1. re: J.L.

              This was my wedding cake. Not kidding. We eloped in Hawaii. Every year on our anniversary we'd get one just as if we'd saved a layer in the freezer.

              1. I very much like the one at Susina.

                1. susie cakes, Hillcrest (but private). Just noticed, looked great but did not try Beverly Glen Deli.

                  1. and if in Hawaii, the Kahala had the La Barbaras of coconut cakes in the day.

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                    1. re: Thor123

                      Does my memory fail me? Or does Roy's make a decent coconut cake?

                    2. I'm not normally a fan or super sweet items but I was really surprised by how much I liked the coconut cake at Urth Caffe. It was moist without being overwhelmingly sweet. I think it was four tiered with light whipped cream and around $5 per slice.

                      1. The lemon coconut cake from Al Gelato! Hands down the best

                        1. the lemon coconut cake from Al Gelato. Hands down the best

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                          1. re: cocopuff123

                            I truly wish this was more helpful but there was a woman selling her desserts at the Wed farmers market at Wilshire and Curson area. She hasn't showed up in a few weeks and in fact had disappeared for a few months before she returned. Her desserts vary but she's had coconut cake served by the HUGE slice (for $8) most of the times she's been here. Next time I see her I will get her info for you.

                            1. re: Clyde

                              thanks man. sounds like what i'm really looking for clyde.

                              and others i'm just not a fan of lemon harming or touching my coconut cake if that makes any sense. or cents, or whatever.

                              though thanks for the recs.

                              hart and the hunter sounds like it would make the real deal if they still happened to serve it.