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Sep 4, 2014 02:35 PM

Large Format Dinners 2014

There has been a spate of new large-format dinners launched this year but not many new reviews. Some meals like Takashi's Cow Experience appeal to the food adventurer. Others have more widespread appeal like Pig & Khao's lechon dinner. Then there are perennially popular restaurants like Momofuku Ssam Bar and The Breslin doing their own takes on ribeye steaks and lobster boils respectively.

I'm sure there are plenty more new offerings that I've missed. What large format dinners have caught your eye lately?

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  1. We tried the peking duck meal at Decoy last weekend and thought it was fabulous. At $65 per/person its not a casual nights drop in (at least not for me) but it was a huge amount of delicious food.

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      My sister and I plan to try the peking duck meal at Decoy. How far in advance did you need to reserve?

    2. Corkbuzz is doing large format Italian dinners with wine pairings.

      1. Tried the Momofuku fried chicken dinner earlier this year and really enjoyed. Won't break the bank either. Plan to check out the ribeye dinner in the next couple months as well

        1. Tonight Momofuku Ssam bar had a special of a pork chop large format meal. we passed on it - even I couldn't do justice to 33 ounces of pork divided by only two diners. But it looked good and very shareable. A very large dish with slices of the chops fanned out, and two ceremonial bones. I think there were other things on the plate as well, I didn't see it close up.

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            The country rib chop? Cooked sous vide, served with apples, served in a large metal pan? They've had that off and one for a while now. You can't reserve that one in advance, I don't think.


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              The photo looks like a different presentation. The dish I saw was on a very large ceramic plate with other ingredients - and it was huge! The pork chop was a special that was not on the menu and I don't remember the exact components. But it looked good!

          2. Not new but dbgb has a whole hog roast large format for 8, needs 72hrs advance notice:

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              DBGB whole pig is enjoyable, but the stuffing/sides/apps were better than the pig itself when I was there. We also asked the chef to carve up the pig's head for us (jowl, tongue, brain, etc).