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Sep 4, 2014 01:46 PM

Where to Dine in SF for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner... seafood dinner places too? More on the casual side but reallllllly good?

Heading to SF next week. Would love a fish dinner, great breakfast places open to SOMA as well...?

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  1. Hog Island in the Ferry Building for Shellfish.

    Traditional American grilled fish or fish in a butter caper sauce?: Tadich, Sam's

    A little more modern: Watergrill

    A formal seafood sitdown more traditional in style: Farallon

    None of those restaurants really represent SF as it is right now. It's actually decently hard to find a place dedicated to seafood! Bar Crudo can be variable but good, Skool I really enjoy the flavors but service can be slow and patchy.

    1. for casual seafood lunch, try the flounder po'boy at Wexlers. or (taking bus 38 to its western terminus) the two-crab sandwich at Cliff House (bonus ocean view/Coastal hiking trail). or Vietnamese crab at Thanh Long.