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Sep 4, 2014 01:22 PM

Best crab cakes in or near Hyattsville, MD?

Hi all, I am looking for a place to get amazing crab cakes within 20 minutes driving distance of DeMatha HS in Hyattsville, MD. Ideally, they have outdoor seating (although this isn't totally necessary), aren't crazy expensive, and have some sort of ambiance (even if it's just nautical kitsch). This is a bit of an urgent request! Anyone? Thank you!

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  1. Franklin's in Hyattsville has crab cakes on their menu. I've never had them there (not a big fan of crab cakes) but my girlfriend has and thinks they're great.

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    1. Franklin's is just a giant bar with OK bar food. The place to go for AMAZING crabcakes is Jerry's Seafood over in Bowie:

      All the food is good and fresh and well-prepared. The Lanham location is small; go to the Bowie location. Plenty of parking, much larger and nicer. Crab cakes are expensive. That's the deal. Get the crab bomb. The larger version is $35 (for the entire meal) and the smaller one is $27. The bomb is all lump crab and trust me, well worth the price.

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        Just got off the phone with Jerry's, actually! Thank you both!

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          Bowie is a long way from Hyattsville. Maybe 30 mins easily with any traffic.

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            But worth the drive. I go over there from Bethesda because the crab bombs are so incredible. I haven't eaten crab cakes anywhere but Jerry's in years. Nothing else comes close.

            Actually I just plugged it into Google Maps and using Franklin's as a starting point because it is fairly central in Hyattsville, the drive time is 21 minutes, 19 without traffic, via 50 East. It is 13.4 miles.

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              The original Jerry's is in Lanham, which is probably closer to Hyattsville.

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                True, but it is much smaller and there is no indoor area to wait for your table. There is a small covered porch but most people end up waiting in the parking lot or in their cars. The lot is fairly small and it can be hard to find a space. Although it has more character, it is easier to go to Bowie, where there is ample parking and many more tables.

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                  Not to interfere, but we ended up going with the Bowie location (needed the larger space, ease in parking, and ambiance so it seemed a natural fit) and it was not only mind-blowingly delicious but the management and staff were kinder and more accommodating than you can possibly imagine. (I did not clarify in my original post, but this was business-related and everything went off without a hitch as a result).

                  I think any way you slice it, Jerry's at any location reflects the very best version of a family business. They have a long history, care about their community, work incredibly hard, strive for excellence, and treat people with warmth and respect. This is all in addition to the fact that their food is delicious and the crab bomb is simply mind-blowing.

                  I can't speak highly enough of them and am very thankful to you all for your input.

                  1. re: angelenoheights

                    I am really glad you enjoyed it. I agree with you about the warmth and respect and the quality of the service. Everyone I've steered there has loved it. And I'm also glad the extra detail I provided was helpful to you, especially given that it was a business dinner.

                    Damn. Now I've got a craving...

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                        Go for lunch today! You deserve it as a reward for your generous public service! You can tell them that you are partially responsible for the TV segment this weekend. :)

            2. i've enjoyed the crabcakes at bottom of the bay seafood in laurel. as to your request for atmosphere, does "dive" apply?