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Sep 4, 2014 11:53 AM

Pittsburgh/Bethel Park area

My husband will be spending the next 2-4 months working in downtown Pittsburgh and living in Bethel Park. I would appreciate some suggestions on casual restaurants near Bethel Park. He does have full kitchen access in the house he is renting, so he will be cooking a lot of his own meals, so I am looking more for places where he can get a good burger and fries, wings, sandwiches, and pizza. Bado's Pizza Grill and Alehouse would be more to his liking than Bado's Cucina. He's not at all into most ethnic cuisines, except for Italian. Thanks for any help.

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  1. Bado's pizza isn't bad and they have a decent beer selection, if that's important. Our favorite pizza places in the South Hills are A'Pizza Badamo's in Mt. Lebanon and Slice on Broadway in Beechview. Both of these are more take out places although Badamo's recently expanded and has a few tables.

    For burgers, sandwiches and wings we LOVE Someone Else's Bar in Castle Shannon. It's a cool little place with great food. They have trays that make eating at the bar comfortable and fun candy on every table.

    Again, if he's into beer, Sharp Edge in Peters Twp is great for Belgiums and crafts with pretty good food, too.

    The fish sandwiches (it's a Burgh thing) at Dorido's in South Park are legendary.

    There is a branch of Primanti's in Mt. Lebanon, near the Galleria Mall. Speaking of which, if he's here through the fall, a BRGR is opening there, not sure of the date. This is an upscale burger place from the people who have one of the best restaurants in town, Spoon. They have 3 other locations, including PNC park. Besides the obvious burgers, they have fun apps and adult milkshakes.

    1. There's a place called Pasta Too. It's not the best place, but it's not the worst (you can find really bad Italian food in Pgh). It's in Bethel Park, though.

      1. Il Pizzaiolo has a nice Italian wine bar. Really good brick oven pizza and some good pasta.
        Little tokyo for sushi
        Kous Kous Cafe is BYOB and great but on the expensive side
        Bistro 19 is very good and a little more expensive.
        Arpino Trattoria has good pasta and is BYOB
        Silk Road is good chinese, in Caste Village in Whitehall near BPark.
        Danny's Parkview for a Italian Hoagie --not the pizza.
        Al's Cafe is popular, though it is pretty mediocre.
        If you want a good taco and street food go to Las Palmas in Brookline.
        Someone Else's bar has been mentioned.
        Kabob G Grill is good Lebanese and a few door up from Someone Else's bar.
        Enjoy the adventure of trying some new places!

        1. Thank you for the recs. I spent Friday night and Saturday morning with him and we went to Someone Else's Bar on Friday and Dorido's for an early lunch on Saturday before I headed back home to Cleveland. We really liked both a lot. Best of all is that both of them are only 2-3 miles from where he is living. We drove past Pasta Too and I pointed that out to him. The parking lot was jammed pack on Friday around 8.

          I'll send him the rest of the suggestions. Thanks again for your help. Please keep them coming.


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            Glad you liked Else's...that's the owner's name BTW. Hope you checked out the restrooms, they are hilarious.

            If you liked Dorido's, the South Park Clubhouse is the same owners. We had good sandwiches there, and they sell a lot of pizza, which looks good, too.

            FYI, the portions at Pasta Too are gigantic. We're not fans of the food or the place in general, it's very large, pink and full of families and large groups. But it's obviously popular so YMMV.

            A fun place for breakfast is the Dor-Stop in Dormont. Totally a DDD place, but seriously delicious, homemade food.

            Up thread Effort recommended several of our favorite places in the south hills...Little Tokoyo, Il Pizziaolo, and Kous Kous Cafe. I didn't mention these earlier because you said he didn't like ethnic and you were looking for burgers, wings, etc. but those are all great, as is the taco stand in Brookline and Pitaland next door.

            And then there the rest of Pittsburgh. If you're willing to travel around town, there are lots more great places.

          2. It's not fancy, but armstrongs in caste village is a longtime family favorite as evidenced by insane lines from 5-7. We usually go in the afternoon for a late lunch or early dinner. I think their wings are really quite spectacular (always crispy), love the zucchini strips. The sandwiches are solid, very good veal parm and meatballs as well. Part of the charm is the ridiculous portion... You always have enough for the next day. The homemade desserts are awesome. I love the coconut creme pie. I have used them for catering on multiple events and the food is always extremely affordable

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              Thanks yammers and mb. Armstrong's and Dor-Stop are on my list as I will be visiting him this weekend. And, yes mb, loved the restroom at Someone Else. The ladies room is one of the first things I check out at a restaurant/bar.