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Apr 28, 2003 03:28 PM

Fried Chicken and. . . . . . . . . .

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This maybe an old question. But is there any place in Toronto, that serves Chicken and Waffles like Roscoe's in the states. Also are there any Soul Food restraunts in the megacity?


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    1. I lament over the lack of soul food in this city. The only place that comes close to southern cooking is True Grits on Markham St. (South of bloor, one block west of Bathurst, adjacent to Honest Ed's)

      Let me know if there are any other soul food joints in town

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      1. re: Brian

        Could you elaborate on how they "come close" ? I've never been, but would like to know what they're serving up.

        1. re: Nab

          True Grits was indeed on the market and has been sold. What it is now I cannot say though I walked past it last week on my way to Southern Accent.

          1. re: Nab

            When I say, "comes close" to southern cooking, I mean they have items that are based on traditional soul food goodies but with a fusion cooking approach and presentation. There weren't any chitlins or collard greens but there was chicken fried steak, smothered ribs, and buttery cornbread.

            I'm sorry to hear that they're no longer around.

          2. re: Brian

            I haven't been in the Bathurst/Bloor area in the last little while but I've heard that True Grits was renamed "Bordello" - anybody know if this is true?