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El Diez Food Truck

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Has anyone been? The sandwiches and empanadas look pretty amazing. They had popped up a few times on the food truck schedule for Liberty Square, but were a "no show" both times (I saw on Facebook they were having trouble with their truck).

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  1. I did the same as you, and agree a sandwich and an empanada sounds like a fantastic lunch...I hope they get out there before the food truck season ends

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      According to their Facebook page, they're at Pearl and Franklin tomorrow. I think I'm going to give it yet another try.

    2. So I went, and it was very good, though the sandwich was small. I wasn't sure what cut of beef they used, but I assumed from the pictures that it would be like a leathery cube steak (which I actually don't mind, if slathered with enough delicious sauce). It was a thin rectangle, but was pink in the middle, and actually quite tender. It came with mayo, chimichurri and criolla sauces, plus some lettuce.

      I also got a ham and cheese empanada, which was very nicely fried, and seemed like it came right out of the oil. The interior was little chunks of ham in a rather large wad of melted cheese (not sure what kind, but had some decent flavor). They were out of corn and cheese ones, which was kind of a bummer. All in all, worth eating. Next I'm going to try the chorizo sandwich.