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Apr 27, 2003 01:24 AM

Persian/Mid Eastern kebab/grocery place on Birchmount

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There is a Persian/Middle East grocery/kebab place in a plaza at Birchmount and Victoria park. They have a charcoal grill in the front of the store. Has anyone ever tried this place?

I went there at 10 pm tonight and they had stopped grilling the kebabs, but the smell still lingered. I am having a craving for these kebabs now. Just wondering if anybody had tried them.

This place is not a restaurant. It seems to be more of a grocery store. The only prepared food they sell is the kebabs, at least from what I can tell.

Does anyone know of any other place that does good Persian kebabs?

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  1. There's a place on overlea but i haven't tried it, it actually looks like a chain, advertises Persian Kebabs.

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    1. re: julesrules

      Birchmount and Victoria Park doesn't meet - do they?

      1. re: DJ

        You are right. I was confused. I meant Ellesmere, not Birchmount. Thanks for pointing it out.

        The place is on the north side of Ellesmere, just east of Vic Park. There is a strip plaza there with an Indian restaurant called Tiffin right next to it.

    2. Not sure the exact address but the restaurant we found to have very good Sultani (persian kebab) is around Wilson/Bathurst. If you take the Bathurst exit on 401 and then make a left it is in the strip mall on your right hand side right next to a sports bar. A number of persian restaurants in Toronto are run by people who were professionals back in the Middle East but have come here to open a restaurant. However, this one is run by a lady who was a cook back in Tehran. There also use to be a very good one at yonge and sheppard but think its gone now.