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Sep 4, 2014 07:04 AM

Just started watching "The Wire" - Lake Trout sandwiches?

Where in Boston can I get a Baltimore style "lake trout" (I think it's actually whiting) sandwich, complete with vinegary sauce and two slices of white bread?

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    Star Fish in Egleston square was my first thought as well. Not the cornmeal/cracker breading that seems to be the Baltimore standard, but it's great and under 3 bucks. It also meets the requirements for vinegary hot sauce and cheap sandwich bread (I think it's actually "wheat" but excess whole wheat flavor/texture is not an issue.) I like it with some hot sauce and tartar sauce; I generally pass on the optional slice of american cheese. Eat immediately as it gets soggy pretty fast. The whiting sandwich is the one you want - the pricy haddock version (4 bucks!) is good but no better.

    I think they also offer one with bones (which - based on googling - seems to be the real Baltimore version) but I've never tried it.

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    not the same I'm sure, but description wise close, there is a fish shop in JP, Egleston Square (who's name escapes me) has a fish sandwich that sounds similar to your description


    Trufflehound, what an amazingly helpful and insightful answer! Kudos!


    The Egleston Sq place is called "Star Fish". I should try it.


    I thought trufflehound's answer was pretty spot on.