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Sep 3, 2014 10:15 PM

Researching old New York food trucks

Food trucks of the sort that sell food directly to retail customers, that is, and from self-powered vehicles as opposed to towable carts. Published references to specific New York trucks from the 1990s and earlier are hard to come by, I've found. Can any chowhounds point the way? (Cross-posted to the Manhattan and Outer Boroughs boards.) Thanks in advance.

Dave Cook

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  1. There was (and maybe still is) a very good Trinidad Roti truck that operated on Water Street in lower manhattan in the 80s.


      Hey Dave, Truck is still there. Not sure it's the same owners..
      Regards, JK

      1. I remember the old Bungalow Bar ice cream truck that came down the block every summer day when I was a child, the high point of my day! Seltzer man came & Charles Chips home delivered the cans of potato chips too.

        Maybe not exactly what you are looking for.

        1. Thanks, jen, johnk, and Huck! I'd known of the Trini and Italian trucks firsthand, though not of their long histories. But in Stamford, Connecticut, we kept an eye out for the Good Humor man. Bungalow Bar and its "homey" trucks...

          ...are new to me!

          Dave Cook