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Sep 3, 2014 10:02 PM

Exploding root beer

I just had a startling experience while cooking dinner. A bottle of Virgil's Zero Root Beer that was sitting on the floor of the kitchen suddenly exploded while I walked past it. The cat and I both jumped a foot in the air. I had a moment of panicked confusion while I wondered how anything I was cooking could have exploded - then I saw the bottle pieces and the soda all over the floor. I guess I'm just lucky I wasn't leaning over it, otherwise I might have gotten glass in my face and not just in my arm.

I've never heard of this happening with anything but homemade, homebottled carbonated beverages before. Have any of you?

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  1. That does sound terrifying... I can only imagine. Glad you (and the cat) weren't seriously injured!

    How long had the bottle been there? What's your kitchen floor made of? Stone tile? How hot was it in there?

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    1. re: nothingswrong

      It's been hot here for the past couple of days, but on the whole this has been one of the mildest summers in years. This has never happened before even during extended periods of scorching heat. The bottle had been there for two weeks, maybe? Along with other bottles of beer and soda that remain unexploded.

      All I can think of was that there might have been some kind of weak point in the bottle, and maybe there was too much sugar or something in that particular batch. I know it's a pretty common thing with home brewing. But this wasn't a homemade soda.

    2. That is odd Root Beer exploding.I have never heard of Root Bear in a glass jar.Did someone shake the Bottle of Root Beer up?I am glad no one was injured.That Root Beer must have been in some record breaking Temperatures.

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        It was in a Bottle which is typical for a Soda " A bottle of Virgil's Zero Root Beer"

      2. Never with store-bought stuff. MANY years ago, Dad was given a bottle capper from now late/wonderful/HOARDER brother. We made root beer from a Hire's concentrate... no idea if still available. Think the instructions said to let it sit for several days... can't remember exact amount of time. We had about 2 cases of home-made root beer, in old, heavy Coke bottles. When we popped the top on first few, lost at least 1/4 to a massive eruption of foam?!? Bottles had been chilled ahead of time? After that, the rest were opened outside and every single one spewed foam. None ever popped the metal cap off?

        1. The only time I have ever witnessed a bottle of soda explode was a Sprite in a 16 oz bottle in the 70's. The bottle was in the freezer though and the second my bothers warm had touched it, it exploded and a piece hit him in the mouth and cut the hell out of his lip. Glad you and the kitty weren't seriously hurt.

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          1. re: suzigirl

            That's what I was thinking, some kind of thermal shock. Don't know exactly what happened to OP but can't imagine what else it could've been. Makes me think of that "Exploding Pyrex" thread. Miniscule cracks or scratches in the glass might have made the bottle more susceptible to exploding.

            Scary about your brother suzigirl. Glad OP and the kitty weren't injured.