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Sep 3, 2014 09:43 PM

Sunday brunch in West LA


My partner's sister and her husband will be staying overnight in Westwood/Brentwood (she has business dinner at Tavern on Saturday). We want to take them out to Sunday brunch somewhere in the West LA area. They live in Claremont, they don't come out here that often (at least, not for events that would allow them to stick around for eating), and they have two young children (and will be leaving them at home).

I was thinking Superba Snack Bar, Flores, or 3 Square. Anyone have any thoughts about these places (or any other ideas)? I'd like to keep the prices w/i the range of these restaurants.


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  1. they are counter service, which doesn't sound like what you are looking for, but there are great dishes and delicious desserts to be had at Amandine. Their omelets are ordinary, but their quiche has a great crust and rich filling and their french toast is excellent and splittable. Best croissant I've found, and other fine puff pastries and wedges of pies. Wilshire a block and a half west of Bundy, street parking and some slots behind.

    1. Joe's in Venice might be nice.

      1. Thanks for ideas.

        nosh, I live right up the street from Amandine. ;) I like it (pastries, quiche, french toast, sandwiches), but I don't love it (esp the omelettes). We are hoping for more of a sit-down place.

        perk, I went to Joe's once many yrs ago and wasn't particularly impressed. The food was fine, but not great. I think it gets pretty good reviews, though, so perhaps worth re-visiting.

        Will report back, whatever place we choose.

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          Agree that Amandine's omelettes are not their strength.

          Probably not what you're looking for, and I'll get flamed for promoting the mediocre westside stuff over the SGV authentic, but what used to be VIP Seafood in that minimall on the N/W corner of Wilshire and Barrington does decent dim sum in a pretty nice setting where I've had good service in the past.

          And thinking of that location, what's the current info on the new Rockenwagner place at street level in the new building to the east? Gotten their act together? Do they offer free parking in the building's parking? Very convenient and could be very good.

          1. re: nosh

            BTW, what items have you enjoyed from the Palace? On occasion, I do have a dim sum itch that needs to be scratched, and it'd be nice to not have to drive out to the SGV....

          1. re: Eudoxus

            If he lives up the street from Amandine (as do I) then Farmshop is Very close and its good but not all that exciting IMO. I think Flores or Superba Snack bar (very good) would be more fun atmosphere with really well done food.

          2. Perhaps Fig at the Fairmont? The AYCE food and drink at Zengo might be fun as well. Superba also now has Food & Bread on Lincoln a bit North of Venice with a different menu and vibe to the Snack Bar but really good food.