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Buy a Chicken Pot pie or 8

Need a quantity of Chicken Pot Pies and can't seem to locate the ambition to make it from scratch. Have you tried any that you would serve in your home? Will get creative with sides, dessert, so it can be somewhat plain. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Wilson Farms makes a really decent chicken pot pie. They are in the frozen section. Can't recall if they come in smaller sizes. We used to buy 8" pies for my father. He loved them.

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      I really like Wilsons chicken pies, but they come with biscuit topping,, not a crust, if that matters.

      1. re: fantundo

        That is a change... definitely used to be crust. Glad to hear that the filling is still good.

        1. re: fantundo

          I'd second the pot pies from Wilson's, and unless they've changed vendors in the last few months, it's a crust top, though no side/bottom crust. However, it's worth pointing out that they're not actually Wilson's own pot pies: they sell Aristocrat frozen pot pies, which I just found out a week ago are actually for sale at farms all over Massachusetts. They come in a range of sizes.

          They're also magically delicious, literally my favorite pot pies over any restaurant pot pie I've ever had, and I wouldn't hesitate to serve one to company for an instant. Get the white meat chicken pies _without_ vegetables, cook some baby peas on the stove and serve them next to the pie, as for some reason the quality of the whole thing (gravy, meat, everything) goes down a notch on the ones with vegetables.

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            The pies at Wilson's have a top crust made up of 6 round biscuits and have no side or bottom crust. They're really good.

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              Is that new? I moved to the north shore a year ago and haven't been to Wilson's since the spring, but for at least the previous 15 years or so they sold the frozen Aristocrat pies, which have a crust top. If Wilson's doesn't have them, they're also available at Connors Farm in Danvers and Brooksby Farm in Peabody, presumably among a number of others.

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                No, it's not new. I've been getting them there for years. They're available with chicken or turkey. They are fresh not frozen and are made by Wilson's. They are not the frozen Aristocrat brand.

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                  Wilson's house-made chicken pot pies are definitely topped with biscuits. The biscuits are slightly sweet and pretty tasty. The filling is good but the gravy could use a little more flavor for my taste preference. A nice dish in general.

                  They do sell some frozen pot pies with a crust top but I've never tried them.

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          Based on all these comments, what I was suggesting are the frozen pies with a dough topping. That is why I mentioned the frozen section. Guess my mistake was saying "wilson farm makes." I had completely forgotten that they were made by a third-party.

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            Well now I guess I'll take the plunge and pick one up to stash in the freezer for the next time I'm looking for a quick dinner, so thanks!

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              Somehow it took me a full day to realize that's what was going on. Thanks for clearing it up!

              So, in sum: never tried Wilson's own biscuit-topped pot pies, but the frozen Aristocrat pies are my jam.

          2. There was a recent positive thread on Modern Rotisserie in Newton; you might try them.


            1. Not in your area but I think Costco's CPP is fantastic! Made with their rotisserie chicken, vegetables, etc. Two will easily feed eight. PS: We have a couple of really picky eater friends and he went back for thirds :)

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                We do have Costco around here but I think Chicken Pot Pie may be a seasonal item, along with chicken soup, which I've enjoyed from Costco in the past, but couldn't fine when looking for it in Waltham recently. It makes sense, I suppose, that they're probably using their leftover rotisserie chicken (which, I assume, is what goes into the pot pies) for chicken salad this time of year.

                I'm overdue for a Costco run so I'll check and see if it's in the case at Waltham. I do like Harrows, a bit on the bland side... wish they'd offer a dark meat version.

              2. I don’t know that I’d suggest it particularly, but Harrow’s Chicken Pie - well, that’s all they do.

                To give you a sense of their priorities, it’s white-meat-only, and you can choose size and you can choose “with vegetables or without.” The vegetables are the pea-carrot-corn-greenbean veggie medley you know and love from your grocer’s freezer.

                They do a lot of business with church dinners, rotaries, elks and the like.

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                  Harrow's is actually really good. The crust is solid and the gravy is very traditional, like what you'd find in PA Dutch country (though not that yellow). I think the all chicken ones are better. Buy frozen and cook for like 45 minutes.

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                    I use to like Harrows but now find them to have a much thicker and gloppier sauce on the chicken. The friend that introduced me to them years ago, stopped buying them too. They use to be much better. My fav is, believe it or not, from Kentucky Fried Chicken. My second fav is from Boston Chicken.

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                      Tried Harrow's years ago. Never again. There's absolutely no onion or allium of any sort in the sauce!

                      I agree with you about the KFC and Boston Market versions. The Costco pie - when they have it - is 12" in diameter so will easily feed at least 6. Haven't bought them in years, because I looked at the calories and sodium, but I used to love the Marie Callender ones. They're frozen, in supermarkets and Costco.

                  2. I love the pot pies at Petsi Pies. My favorite pot pie ever. But they're pricey -- a 10 inch pies costs $25 -- so maybe not the best if you need 8. Also, it's a good idea to call ahead and check if they have them.

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                      I'll second the recommendation for Petsi's chicken pot pies. The pastry is absolutely delicious, ditto for the filling. They only sell them at their Somerville location (not either of the locations in Cambridge), and yes, call ahead.

                      1. re: donlan

                        The Petsi chicken pot pie is really delicious. I would love a little more gravy inside (it's really tasty), but that's just a personal preference.

                    2. New England Soup Factory used to make an excellent "rif" on these, kind of a free form pot pie. Haven't checked on with them lately so I'd call to make sure they still do it. You could taste test one!

                      1. Harrows is all about the crust.

                        The filling is frustratingly bland.

                        I wouldn't recommend it.

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                        1. re: C. Hamster

                          I tried Harrow's last year and liked it.

                          1. re: Bugsey34

                            I liked the crust but the filling was really disappointing. VERY bland and tasteless. On the gloppy side, too.

                        2. I know that Katz's Bakery in Chelsea also features Chicken Pot Pies - I have not tried their version. Any reports from others who have?

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                            I've been hooked on Katz's chicken pot pies for two years now. I haven't made a chicken pot pie at home since I tried theirs.

                            I think they come in three sizes but can't remember. I have a small personal size one and a large one in my freezer now but I think there might be a medium size too.

                            Love their pizza bagels too!

                            1. re: Infomaniac

                              Are there veggies in their pie or just chicken meat and gravy?

                              1. re: mikeinboston

                                I was at Katz Bagel on Sunday morning and they didn't have any Chicken Pot Pies available and was told they will start making them again soon now that the cold weather is here. They do include veggies in them too.

                          2. The Globe ran an article on Ken's Kickin' Chicken in the northern burbs a while back. Anyone tried them? Not sure how convenient it is for the op.



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                              I really like Ken's Kickin' Chicken pot pies. MUCH tastier than Harrow's. They do seem to take forever to bake, though so tasty we're willing to wait. And wait.

                              I think we preferred the one with stuffing. Yummy shepherd's (really cottage) pie too.

                              1. re: quirkydeb

                                Thanks, that's really helpful. Next time I'm in the area I'll check them out.

                              2. re: bear

                                Ken's are the best I've ever tried, by far!! Worth the trip to Salem if you're east of the Mississippi.

                                1. re: bear

                                  I just checked out Ken's website, but it's pretty light on real information. I gave them a call and found out the following: All the pies are fresh, not frozen. You cannot order a cooked pie, you have to bake it at home. They offer three sizes of each pie, Individual, Medium and Large. Prices range from $6.99 to $20+ for the large. Suggested cook time for the large was given as approximately one hour.

                                2. These are pricey, whether buying in person on Cape Cod or online, but they are by far the best chicken pies available in the area. Even frozen, both the filling and crust are perfect. One pie will easily feed 4, with a few other accompaniments.


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                                    Pricey is an understatement. They recommend orders of 2 @ 27.50 a piece. Plus the $30 shipping they charge, that's almost $85 for two pie.

                                    1. re: kobuta

                                      Ya, taking another look at making them myself...lol

                                    2. re: jpsox

                                      I tried the one from Centerville Pies and didn't like it at all. The chicken was tough and dry.

                                      But who knows, maybe I got a bad one; anyway, they sell these and a variety of Centerville Pies frozen at Kay's in Watertown, on Bigelow Ave. off Mount Auburn Street.

                                      1. re: Pia

                                        I've had the chicken pot pie from Centerville Pie Co. twice, purchased frozen from their location in Centerville on the Cape (which I think added a cafe after Oprah discovered them, but my chronology may be off on that). Anyway, the chicken in mine was juicy and moist both times. No vegetables, which works for me, as I find the peas/carrots/potatoes/whatever don't tend to add much to the pie and often detract from it.

                                        1. re: Pia

                                          Roche Bros. has the Centerville pies too. They were on sale last week for $9.99 but sold out, so I didn't get to try it. Did get a raincheck.

                                      2. I'm not sure where you are located, but Owen's Poultry Farm in Needham makes one.....

                                        1. I know the OP requested referral for chicken pot pies but has anyone tried the pies from Bob's Turkey Farm? They go to the Newton and Brookline farmers markets.

                                          Aristocrat pies are also available at Chip-In Farm in Bedford. I believe Owens sells them as well.

                                          Owens also sell roast chicken and gravy so you could do a semi-homemade version if you wanted to customize the crust and veggies.

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                                            I tried the Bob's and didn't like it but tastes differ and types of pies differ. Part of that may be I'm not exactly a big turkey fan. (Too many farm memories of the bleeping birds?) That's why the "I don't like" or "never again" posts go right by me: they reflect what x or y thinks, which may have no relation at all to what I or you or z thinks and maybe they didn't have it prepared properly, etc. This is why I tried to describe Harrow's - the all chicken version only - as a traditional pie in the PA Dutch mold, though not as yellow. It is. Some may not like that style. You can have "gourmet" or "artisan" pies with thinner gravy and with vegetables that aren't as mushy or you can have pies which are essentially chicken with a thin, not thick crust. And so on.

                                            1. re: Velda Mae

                                              I'm not the world's biggest turkey fan either, although I don't dislike it. We used to buy 3 or 4 of the Bob's pies (mixed light & dark meat with peas & carrots) to stash in the deep freeze every fall, because they were tasty enough and made an excellent quick and easy dinner in the winter time. Then a couple of years ago we hit a really bad batch - the gravy seemed to be completely devoid of salt, and you can't really repair that after the fact - and we have not tried them again.