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Apr 24, 2003 03:34 PM

Donair/Shawrma Places

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Over the years I have been on the lookout for a good donair place ever since the one I used to visit at Victoria Park and St Clair closed. Most recently been getting my donair fix at Rajkapur on Donlands but am open to other suggestions. For the many years I couldnt find a good donair place the shwarma at Farhat (Lawrence/Warden) was a decent substitute.

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  1. The only shwarma place I have tried in Toronto is a the Eaton centre. It is in the foodcourt and right next to the Marche restaurant. I have tried both the meat and chicken shwarmas and they are both quite decent.

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      best shwarma place i've tried in toronto is called 'ali baba's' and is at 607 queen st. just east of bathurst. it's a tiny little place which is open most of the day and caters to the late night crowds.

      1. re: johnny mao

        There is another place called "Ali Baba's" (probably a co-indidence) where Dundas meets Roncesvales. Very good Halal place. Excellent Shawarma
        There is a good Shawarma place at Jarvis and Wellesley too. Name escapes me, but they have a shawarma dinner that includes all the fixins.

        For something different, if you are brave, check out the Halal butchershop/grocery 1 or 2 block S of Dundas and Roncesvales (Boustead?). Its on the side street west of Roncesvales, and in the summer the owner puts a bar-b-q outside his store and serves Tandoori chicken pita sandwiches. All oniony and good. Just ignore the blood on his apron from killing the chicken in the back (guarenteed fresh).

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          Richard Warriner

          The 2 Ali Baba locations are related and used the same menu. There used to be a 3rd location years ago, but only these two remain.

          I have to admit I've never found a better beef shawarma in Toronto than Ali Baba's. When I lived at Dubdas & Brock, I had the Dundas & Roncesvalles selivery number on speed-dial!

    2. I'm more of a chicken shawarma kind of guy--a habit I picked up in Ottawa. The shawarma at Sarahs (at 487 Bloor Street) aren't bad. There are a few other options between Bathurst and Spadina (like Ghazale & the Chain Aida's) that cater to the late night crowd. Let us know if you find a worthwhile one.

      1. There is a great little hole-in-the-wall place downtown called Mediterranean 2 Go, on Elm St. at Yonge. The chicken schwarma is great and the guy who owns and runs it is great to talk to. He is early to mid 20s, Egyptian, mixes his own spices, uses his own recipes. He seems to be doing well. I think he is opening a second place on Dundas.

        1. The best is Armenian Kitchen on Victoria Park. All the sandwiches are excellent.

          1. I have been dying to find an authentic "east coast" donair in Toronto. That is the only thing I miss about living in Halifax. A warm pita, mounds of spicy meat, tomatoes and onions and best of all ... the sweet garlic sauce - yum!

            I have been able to recreate the sauce at home, but can't get a hand on the meat.

            Any ideas about where to find this in Toronto?

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              I've seen a number of individuals go to Rajkapur on Donlands and ask for the donair meat seperately. If you take Don Mills south exit on DVP go right and then left at first light (Donlands) and Rajkapur is on your left.

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                would you mind passing along the sauce recipe?