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Apr 24, 2003 02:51 PM

Anatolia restaurant-

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I'll be going to Anatolia Restaurant this weekend. Does anyone suggest any particular dishes on their menu? How have your dining experiences been at Anatolia?


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    Starving Student

    Anatolia is amazing. My father took me there several months ago and in typical teenage fashion, I was somewhat skeptical having never tried Turkish food before. All judgements were thrown out the window the second I tried their starter bread, wow! I am now a believer, I think that it has to be one of my favourite restaurants.
    Lentil soup is tasty, all of the dips are exemplary--patlican ezme has a really nice charred taste, very smokey. Grape leaves are the best that I have had, they don't taste at all like they are pulled from a jar. The pickled vegetables (I think that they are called Tursu) are a welcome change to what one might find in restaurants of a Middle Eastern persuasion. The fried eggplant and the feta stuffed pastry are the best hot app's (in my opinion at least). The Talas Boregi is the only main that I've tried and like everything else it is near perfection. The specials are also quite reliable. Most of all I reccommend the Kunefe dessert (which needs to be ordered 20 minutes in advance). So succulent, the syrup is not over powering and doesn't make the pastry soggy. I don't know what else to tell you, no matter what is ordered, chances of a good meal are in your favour.

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      Just got back from dinner at Anatolia...I agree with your post completely, my meal was fantastic and I'm sure I'll return. The cigara appetizer was tastier than the versions I tried in Turkey. The Kunefe was an interesting dessert...similar to Kataifi(my favorite Greek pastry) but with cheese under the shredded pastry, and served warm.