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Apr 24, 2003 10:54 AM


We're proud to welcome Torontonians to their very own Chowhound discussion forum!
We have tons and tons of Toronto chow tips and discussion on our Canada message board (see link below) which we've not yet moved over here. So you may want to browse that board, as well!
The Dogs That Be


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  1. Thanks, Chowhound team! Much appreciated.

    Now that we Torontonians have our own space, I wonder if the Vancouver folks will be asking for their own as well???

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    1. re: Lat K.

      Yup, but we're going to redesign all the geographics pretty soon.

      We've gone to some trouble to add this board. If Torontonians can work a bit to "seed" it with really chowhoundish postings (which will ensnare newbie hounds who come around so they'll hang around and cough up tips, attracting still more hounds) you have the potential of building a hyper-useful local network. Potentially, none of us will ever miss a scrap of deliciousness in Toronto ever again.

      So please post with abandon. It's a cavern right now, and unlikely to snare houndish newcomers! As you post, so shall you reap (and eat)!


      1. re: Jim Leff

        Thanks for our own board! Will post Toronto ideas to help get it going!

        1. re: Jim Leff

          To increase the number of responses to posts, I would suggest adding Quebec/Quebec City together with Montreal when the geographics are redesigned.