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What's opened this week in Madrid that an old Franco-Yankee guy will find as good food, not minding decor and location?

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Hello folks down South,
I'll be coming down next week to Madrid from Paris and because things here are exploding after our rentrée, I assume the same is happening in Madrid; so what's interesting and new and exciting in Madrid; I want Spanish food, no French, Asian or other; decor and location don't matter. And yes I've done searches and have food guides but at least in Paris, the new places are only beginning to be mentioned in them.
Many thanks, and if you're ever here, gimme a buzz.
John Talbott @ John Talbott's Paris
PS And believe me I'll report back.

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  1. I'm thinking of two recent experiences in Madrid; both pleasant and both different.
    Cuisine from northern Spain: La Maruca.
    Cuisine from southern Spain: Surtopía

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      Thanks so very much but I wonder if between the Bungabunga volcano and Air France pilots strike I'll make it.

    2. Not certain if you can change the title John. My first thought was a very right wing American was looking for old restaurants once favoured by General Franco.....