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Sep 3, 2014 12:05 PM

The Bazaar by Jose Andres for Miami Spice


We went to The Bazaar on Sunday night and took advantage of the Miami Spice menu. The food was amazing. We had a pork bun sandwich, gazpacho, yucca fries, steak rubbed with coffee, incredible brussel sprouts salad, chicken croquets served in a shoe, Serrano ham served with tomatoes on bread, Key Lime pie, and pain au chocolat (probably left something out). We also ordered a deconstructed mojito with the desserts. It's made with liquid nitrogen. Quite potent and good all at the same time.

We asked our serve to pick the items for us. Everything was a home run.

If I lived in Miami, this place would definitely be in the rotation.

Bill total was $105. Money well spent.


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  1. Thanks for posting. If you have other spice experiences, please post in existing thread: